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Category Not Known
Size Not Verified
Orbited Body Unknown
Periapsis Not Verified
Apoapsis Not Verified
Time Delay Not Calculated
Type of Visit Not Visited


  • Picture =
    • Picture of the extraterrestrial destination
    • To include the picture, just type the picture's filename (eg. Triton.jpg) and do not use any image formatting, as all images will employ the same standard formatting that can be changed from the template.
  • Category=
    • Planet, Moon, Spacecraft
  • Size=
    • eg. Spherical; r=6500km or Cylindrical; r=35m, h=1km or As big as an oil tanker
  • Periapsis: Distance of closest approach to focus of orbit (in km)
  • Aphelion: Distance of furthest displacement from focus of orbit (in km)
  • Time Delay: Average time for receipt of transmission from the destination
  • Type of Visit=
    • Main Mission, Training Mission, Mini-Mission

Suggested Sections:

  • Introduction before ToC
  • List of Spacesim Visits
  • Interesting Spacesim finds
  • EEPs Demos
  • Actual spacecraft that have visited the destination