Arrian's Proposal to Rejuvenate

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Arrian's Proposal to Rejuvenate is a proposal begun on Friday, July 2, 2010 by Arrian Amir-Rafiei pushing for the redesign and more frequent refreshing of content on by students as opposed to the Admiral or Webmaster. The proposal was addressed to Education Commander Samuel Baltz and, Mission Commander Ian Martin. This proposal is still in need of being reviewed by all executives, but current feedback shows support from all parties. It is reprinted below in its entirety.


This proposal comes after an online chat between Arrian Amir-Rafiei, and Samuel Baltz about and Near the end of the chat, Arrian was told to write up a brief proposal and submit it.

Arrian's Proposal to Rejuvenate

Arrian's Proposal to Rejuvenate July 3, 2010


As a contributer, and an aide to reviving both the Spacesim wiki, and forums, I believe that those were only the beginning of the problem related to Spacesim's websites.

Ever since it's inception back in the late 1990's, Spacesim's website and other domains attached to it have been an important resource to not only the current members of Spacesim, but to members of the past, future, and even other schools thinking of starting similar programs. In recent years,, and associated domains such as, and, have been updated less frequently, as well as have been accessed less as well. Over the course of the 2009-10 school year, much work was put into revitalizing, and and these two domains are back up and are being used quite frequently., on the other hand is updated less and less, and lacks updated information. Also, domains such as are outdated, and are no longer needed.


  1. is our main Internet resource as an organization and thus, it deserves to be updated regularly.
  2. should connect to all other sites on the domain from the main page.
  3. All information about EEPs and the Mission should be added to as well as be formatted to be larger as to give a bigger emphasis on them.
  4. Make an electronic archive about all information on EEPs as to help the program continue on should members with experience run out.
  5. should be made, and older material should be moved to that location. This includes, and the old website.


Spacesim's Web department is very small, and the number of websites it needs to handle, and the content that needs to be posted can not be done by just one person. The proposals outlined in this document shall be lead by External Affairs, and Webmaster, with content coming from a variety of members.As this project itself is also very large, I have broken it up into three phases, one of which is complete.

This proposal comes as a three step phase, this proposal outlining the second phase:

1st Phase: Heavily update the wiki, and rebuild the forums as a place to exchange information. (Complete)
2nd Phase: Update and make it a haven of archived information for future generations.
3rd Phase: To be announced after 2nd phase is complete.

At a later date a continuation of this proposal will be written up and submitted outlining step three.

Thank you for reading:
Arrian Amir-Rafiei – July 3, 2010