Alex Foo

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Alex Foo
Also Known As N/A
Year of Graduation 2006-07
Institution Queen's University
Current Occupation Student
Former Positions Planetarium Commander

Alex Foo joined the ranks of the OCESS in the closing days of 2004-05 for "various reasons", which certain members of Spacesim enjoy mentioning whenever one of them walks into the room. He has grown to enjoy Spacesim very much, and is committed to improving the club. He has participated in every EEP and Planetarium he possibly can, as well as the organization of several OCESS projects such as the Galileo Challenge and the Summer Camp. He is also a major contributor to the Forum, as well as the main contributor to the wiki project; contributing numerous articles in the Habitat Systems project.

Alex has acted as a Simulator for the 2005-06 mission to Titan. His future as a simulator is considered a state secret.

Alex was the Planetarium Commander in 2006-07.

Outside of OCESS, Alex builds plastic models, chats on the computer, watches sci-fi and generally participates in a mixed variety of nerd activities.


Alex was a member of Spacesim's first UTSDC team, which took second place and best technical report.

Alex was responsible for the budget, construction, and earth to space transport sections. He is assumed to have contributed the bulk of the 160 page report that the team submitted.

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