2010-11 Official Laura Logs

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Mission To 
Gliese 581 f (Dragan 2011)


Pilot: Lt. Baltz Logs: Lt. LeClaire

We have deployed LAURA to the same location that it was previously deployed in for mission Daedalus 2010.

On descent into the water, we immediately notice that the water temperature is the same as it was when it was recorded by Cmdr. Rouble in the previous years mission. For reference that temperature is 10 C, which is strange considering that the temperature on the surface of the moon is -173C.

We also notice that the water depth is only 719m, despite the fact that the depth should be closer to 10 Km

We are running Log player to analyse Cmdr. Rouble's sub path. Noting the heading of 48.49N and 65.29E. ALso noting the signal came from 190 Degrees from polar north. Also making note of Cmdr. Rouble's depth of 8.5m.

Lt. Baltz is the sub pilot and has informed me that he will follow a path similar to Cmdr. Rouble's with the difference that he will be heading more southwards.


5:14 PM 3/3/2011: 0:18:0 into the mission: Lt. Baltz established his heading by firing pods negatively. He confirms he is pointing in the proper direction, however MC disagrees witht the action and demands that he stop.

5:17 PM 3/3/2011: Paused on orders from MC.

5:19 PM 3/3/2011: Continuing to be paused.

5:21 PM 3/3/2011: 0:20:0 into the mission: Continuing piloting the sub. Lt. Baltz is establishing a westward heading

5:24 PM 3/3/2011: 0:23:0 into the mission: Moved into a zone with less noise. Time acceleration begun.

5:26 PM 3/3/2011: 0:28:0 into the mission: Moved back into noisy zone.

5:28 PM 3/3/2011: 0:34:0 into the mission: Lt. Baltz notices a undersea pattern not disimilar from that of the "Unnamed Protagonist"

5:31 PM 3/3/2011: 0:43:0 into the mission: Continuing to change heading. Sound is still not seen.

5:39 PM 3/3/2011: 1:0:0 into the mission: Continuing to change heading. Time accelerating. NOTE: Surf conditions are 0.0 as expected. No convection currents are seen.

5:40 PM 3/3/2011: 1:2:0 into the mission: Radical change in sound sources at 49.100 and 52.400

5:42 PM 3/3/2011: 1:5:44 into the mission Many sounds source seen to be on the bottom at 48.7 and 52.5

5:43 PM 3/3/2011: 1:7:0 into the mission: Sound sources return at 48.55 and 52.95

5:46 PM 3/3/2011: 1:7:0 into the mission: Subsim restarted. Filename m2011e1.dat

5:48 PM 3/3/2011: 1:8:0 into the mission: ALL SOUND SOURCES STOP. Headin 48.5 and 53.0

5:51 PM 3/3/2011: 1:11:0 into the mission: sound back. heading 48.460 and 53.85

5:52 PM 3/3/2011: 1:12:0 into the mission: Sound sources rather quiet.

5:53 PM 3/3/2011: 1:12:30 into the mission: "wall of sound" at 48.455 and 54.0

5:56 PM 3/3/2011: 1:16:0 into the mission: Nothing important to report.

5:58 PM 3/3/2011: 1:18:0 into the mission: Current heading; 48.447 and 54.300

6:00 PM 3/3/2011: Subsim restarted and new save file made. m2011e2.dat

6:08 PM 3/3/2011: 1:24:0 into the mission: Turned sub around. Now facing in the proper direction. noise levels increased. Noted tht previously, background noise was rather quiet.

6:09 PM 3/3/2011: 1:25:0 into the mission: Noise levels are very high.

6:11 PM 3/3/2011: 1:27:0 into the mission: Sub moving at 16m/s. All noise showing up louder then previously due to high speed.

6:14 PM 3/3/2011: 1:30:0 into the mission: Passed into valley. Depth consistantly increasing. Heding 48.317 and 58.000

6:17 PM 3/3/2011: 1:33:0 into the mission: Movement speed hit a hard wall at 18.00 m/s

6:18 PM 3/3/2011: File saved as m2011e3.dat

6:20 PM 3/3/2011: Waiting to confirm software restart.

6:22 PM 3/3/2011: 1:37:0 into the mission: Slowing down. Turning on active sonar in attempt to detect signal sound. No signal sound found. Speeding up and continuing journey.

6:28 PM 3/3/2011: 1:44:0 into the mission: Continuing to adjust heading. Nothing else to report.

6:31 PM 3/3/2011: 1:45:0 into the mission: Missed coordinates Attempted to turn around. Saved file and restarted. current file is m2011e4.dat

6:35 PM 3/3/2011: Software restarted.

6:38 PM 3/3/2011: 1:51:0 into the mission: Little background noise.

6:42 PM 3/3/2011: Saved file and restarted. current file is m2011e5.dat

6:43 PM 3/3/2011: 1:55:0 into the mission: Noise levels rather low. Atributed to active sonar acting rather strangely by decreasing noise levels rather then increasing them. Admiral Magwood orders all personnel in the HAB to move to CNC. He also orders all MC personnel to their stations to make a statement.

Active sonar seems to be decreasing noise by preventing something from transmitting noise. The noise is NOT bouncing off the target in the water. This is strange and unexplained. Any and all explainations involve something technoogical in nature.

6:55 PM 3/3/2011: 2:6:50 into the mission: Sample "X" taken at 48.102N and 66.090E

6:57 PM 3/3/2011: 2:9:0 into the mission: Asking for permission to turn off active sonar as to locate original signal location.

7:01 PM 3/3/2011: 2:14:0 into the mission: Wall of sound at 48.080 and 65.52

7:05 PM 3/3/2011: 2:19:0 into the mission: noise levels decreased dramatically.

7:15 PM 3/3/2011: 2:33:0 into the mission: MC triangulates noise source to be roughly 20N and 80E - 90E

7:16 PM 3/3/2011: 2:38:0 into the mission: MC gives us orders to dive t the bottom. Active toggled off: zero change.

7:19 PM 3/3/2011: 2:49:0

43.77N and 67.88E Consistant noise source is seen. It is VERY LOUD. Consistant pulses on and off. All pulses are same length. 4 Pulses are seen per waterfall window. Background noise is very faint. Cursor of 137 which is almost due southeast.

7:25 PM 3/3/2011: 2:55:0 into the mission: Surf conditions are ~3.3 and water temp decreased to 0 C We are 472.7 m below the surface. Noise still loud and consistant.

7:30 PM 3/3/2011: 3:4:0 into the mission: Noise levels continue to be consistant.

7:34 PM 3/3/2011: 3:19:0 into the mission: Local noise sources masking signal; signal still noticable and strong.

7:43 PM 3/3/2011: 3:45:0 into the mission: No real change. Projected course. 20 and 90 appears to be a correct assumption

7:46 PM 3/3/2011: 3:56:0 into the mission: MC informs us to save and restart soon.

7:51 PM 3/3/2011: Saving file as m2011e6.dat

7:53 PM 3/3/2011: 4:18:0 into the mission: Active toggled; nothing seen.

8:04 PM 3/3/2011: Still waiting from MC for go ahead to start the LAURA software. We have been waiting for 10 minutes.

8:16 PM 3/3/2011: Software restarted.

8:19 PM 3/3/2011: 4:20:0 into the mission: Sharp increase in sound at 29.3 and 81.5; it is counteracted by turning on active sonar. This noise is said by Lt. Baltz to appear in "Packets"

8:19 PM 3/3/2011: 4:21:0 into the mission:ne. Whatever responded to active sonar is now gone.

8:21 PM 3/3/2011: 4:30:0 into the mission: pocket seen at: 27.3 and 83.5; Disregard EVERYTHING regarding active sonar as it appears to be a time lag that is seemingly regular. THERE is NO substance that is not reflecting our active sonar and it can all be atributed a time lag involving active sonar.

8:26 PM 3/3/2011: 4:40:0 into the mission: We are changing heading to due east as to triangulate the source of the noise. Recorded change in direction at 26.5 and 84.5 At this point the bearing was 137 Degrees from N

8:37 PM 3/3/2011: 5:3:0 into the mission: Proximity meter detects the source of the noise. It is at exactly 20 and 80 and is emitting noise through all thermal layers.

8:52 PM 3/3/2011: 5:22:30 into the mission: 1.7 Km from noise source. MC currently has no working telemetry. The sub is at a depth of 1004.1 m and increasing. The target is 1082 m below the surface.

8:54 PM 3/3/2011: 5:25:0 into the mission: 1 km from source. Initating save. Depth at 1012 m. Must dive another 70m. Tricky without ballast. Saved as m2011e7.dat

9:08 PM 3/3/2011: 5:27:21 into the mission: We see the object 460 m away, it appears to be a torus. We do not currently know it's size. It appears to be quite large in size. We think it has diameter of 20 m.

9:23 PM 3/3/2011: Software restarted for the 9th time or so. The current save file is m2011e9.dat

9:26 PM 3/3/2011: No timestamp available. Laura has shown the "Torus" to be a dark region spewing particles. We cannot confirm anything at this time. We are unable to understand how sonar picks the spewing particles up. We are also unable to understand how it picks up whatever is on the other side of the object.

9:27 PM 3/3/2011: No timestamp available. The lines appear to be divirging from the center. The center region also appears to be getting larger.

9:28 PM 3/3/2011: No timestamp available. The dark region with the lines has disappeared and it shows a series of blurry dots. We are assuming that these are in fact stars. We still are unable to confirm anything.


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