2010-11 Official Habitat Log

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Mission To 
Gliese 581 f (Dragan 2011)


9:28 PM 03/01/2011: Pilot= Lt. Dunbar, CAPCOM= Lt. Leclaire, EECOM= Lt. Melanson, Engineering= Lt. Baltz, Hab. Cdr= Cdr. Martin, Logs= Lt. Cdr. Frank
9:28 PM 03/01/2011: Pre- flight of Hab.
9:29 PM 03/01/2011: Pre- flight check done.
9:32 PM 03/01/2011: Software check with MC.
9:34 PM 03/01/2011: Check of engines working.
9:34 PM 03/01/2011: Check of other functions in engineering.
9:36 PM 03/01/2011: Checking EECOM functions- pressurizing, et cetera.
9:39 PM 03/01/2011: Receive walkie-talkies.
9:39 PM 03/01/2011: Permission granted for cold start- confirmed start with MC.
9:52 PM 03/01/2011: Reactor has reached glowing 80 on the engineering.
9:52 PM 03/01/2011: cold start confirmed with a temperature in the habitat reactor temperature of 81. Containment rising and fuel cell stable.
9:54 PM 03/01/2011: Containment over 2000, dumping fuel- complete.
9:58 PM 03/01/2011: Ready for launch.
9:59 PM 03/01/2011: Requesting Hrt angle to launch at.
10:01 PM 03/01/2011: MC tells to use an Hrt angle of 40 degrees.
10:06 PM 03/01/2011: Potential problems with the altitude MC tells for Ayse- they said 2200 km, but it is really 413 km.
10:08 PM 03/01/2011: New angle given is about 13 degrees.
10:11 PM 03/01/2011: Permission to time accelerate to reach a proper launch window.
10:12 PM 03/01/2011: Permission granted to time accelerate.
10:13 PM 03/01/2011: Time acceleration complete with an angle of about 22 degrees.
10:13 PM 03/01/2011: Engines throttled to about 70%.
10:16 PM 03/01/2011: Countdown to launch begun
10:16 PM 03/01/2011: SRB engines ignited, take-off.
10:17 PM 03/01/2011: Throttle to 90% engines.
10:18 PM 03/01/2011: Switching to CCW Prograde.
10:19 PM 03/01/2011: Confirm main engine cut-off (SRB cut-off).
10:21 PM 03/01/2011: Shift change in MC.
10:23 PM 03/01/2011: MC to confirm the altitude of AYSE.
10:24 PM 03/01/2011: MC commander Wheaton has left shift, and left flight Director Magwood in charge.
10:25 PM 03/01/2011: Engines are shut-off.
10:29 PM 03/01/2011: Request two simulations- how long until AYSE passes, and how long until we are "done for" to put it mildly.
10:37 PM 03/01/2011: Engines at 10%. In order to reach AYSE.
10:39 PM 03/01/2011: Engines at 20%. 
10:40 PM 03/01/2011: Moving towards AYSE.
10:45 PM 03/01/2011: Confirmation with MC that AYSE is about 8 km away from the hab and approaching?- CONFIRMED
10:46 PM 03/01/2011: Engines at very low thrust to maneuver around AYSE. 
10:52 PM 03/01/2011: Artificial gravity engaged momentarily in order to stretch and retrieve personal effects.
10:55 PM 03/01/2011: 0.720 km from AYSE.
11:04 PM 03/01/2011: Maneuvering around AYSE.
11:09 PM 03/01/2011: Fewer than 500 metres to AYSE.
11:15 PM 03/01/2011: Commensing entering of AYSE- "parallel parking".
11:16 PM 03/01/2011: In line to enter AYSE. Time acceleration of 0.250.
11:21 PM 03/01/2011: Entering AYSE.
11:24 PM 03/01/2011: Permission to dock whenever given by MC.
11:25 PM 03/01/2011: Docked with AYSE totally unexpectedly......
11:26 PM 03/01/2011: Connected to AYSE.
11:32 PM 03/01/2011: Successful AYSE cold-start. Connection between AYSE and the HABITAT.
11:33 PM 03/01/2011: Re-circularizing the orbit around Earth.
11:36 PM 03/01/2011: Lt. Baltz informally takes LOGS
11:36 PM 03/01/2011: Crew breaks for dinner. Lt. LeClaire maintains CAPCOM, Lt. Baltz tries to fix the camera switch box to get the camera feed from the Interlock to MC.
11:56 PM 03/01/2011: Admiral Magwood is the acting admiral. and there was much rejoicing. Acting flight director is Director Magwood.
12:00 AM 03/02/2011: Shift Change: lt baltz still trying to get the interlock feed to mc. various temporary CAPCOMS cycle through eating tacos.
12:29 AM 03/02/2011: Lt. LeClaire working on doors, Lt. Baltz working on cameras. What software? Shift to AUXCOM from CAPCOM
1:25 AM 03/02/2011: Half the crew members in bed, the rest sit in C+C roughly observing software or fixing habitat systems
1:40 AM 03/02/2011: The Interlock feed is finally achieved; MC is ignoring all of Lt. LeClaire's messages. The feed is turned on and off multiple times at a very fast rate for several minutes straight and no staffers notice it, and many messages are repeatedly sent over AUXCOM. MC is observed in the Interlock television to be sitting, talking, and drinking soda, all with their backs to the AUXCOM computer and the switchable television. When reprimanded over AUXCOM, having been reminded that if this were an emergency situation the habitat would have literally no MC support, they make no attempt to man their stations and reply thoroughly unprofessionally in AUXCOM. When contact is finally established, MC staffers do not address their own lax behaviour but instead mention that ENG is down; something they clearly have made no effort to fix. The reasoning they provide for the lack of ENG functionality is that their computer is defragmenting, which stikes the habitat as strange given that mission control software not only runs off of a ramdrive, which cannot be defragmented, but which does not even write. The habitat records the situation in detail in preparation or an official reprimand upon return to Earth.
1:48 AM 03/02/2011: Flight Director Ramclam returns and, with no communication with the hab, quickly returns MC to order
2:03 AM 03/02/2011: ENG hasn't updated for 2 hours. Lt. LeClaire goes to bed.
2:03 AM 03/02/2011: ENG fixed and resynced.
2:14 AM 03/02/2011: Lt. Baltz finishes the switchbox
2:20 AM 03/02/2011: A problem with the C+C feed that observes B-62 and Heimdall is quickly dispatched with. Lt. Baltz signs off to bed, leaving Cmdr. Martin alone to take the night shift. This breach of protocol is excused because of the ludicrously long and intensive shifts the astros took to ensure the mission launched within a reasonable window.
3:41 AM 03/02/2011: Lt. Cmdr Frank takes over from Cmdr. Martin.
7:25 AM 03/02/2011: Lt. Dunbar is now on shift
7:29 AM 03/02/2011: Master alarm recorded, AYSE Reacter Containment malfunctioning.
7:31 AM 03/02/2011: Master alarm gone, no malfunctions being read.
**Lt. Melanson and Lt. Leclaire are now awake.**
8:07 AM 03/02/2011: Breakfast eating semi-commenced
8:56 AM 03/02/2011: Day 2 Intinerary recieved. Waiting for intructions.
9:25 AM 03/02/2011: Cmdr. Martin and Lt. Cmdr Frank doing homework.
9:59 AM 03/02/2011: Simulations.
10:00 AM 03/02/2011: All astros awake.
10:52 AM 03/02/2011: Mission Control refusing to do simulations. 
10:57 AM 03/02/2011: MC doing simulations.
11:03 AM 03/02/2011: HAB decides to wait until admiral Magwood is available before continuing.
11:10 AM 03/02/2011: Meanwhile, astronauts read the itinerary and ask MC hardball questions 
12:02 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid warning. No astroid seen, possible microdebris, or software glitch.
12:14 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid collision warning, still nothing there.
12:21 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid hit, nothing happened.
12:32 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. LeClaire is on the phone with the Admiral, trying to determine how
12:38 PM 03/02/2011: Ion1 and Ion3, Dumping and Loading suddenly get warning signals, Ln2 and Ln3 also give malunction lights. T-5 given for depature to Mars orbit.
12:38 PM 03/02/2011: All lights back on. Since we are still docked with AYSE, the engines remain untestable, but their warning lights are off. Lights are turned back on with no difficulties. A software glitch is the suspected culprit. 
12:51 PM 03/02/2011: Necessary software acquired. Preparing for de-orbit burn. Shift change: LeClaire piloting, Dunbar copiloting and logs, Baltz Engineering, Cmdr. Martin CAPCOM, Lt. Cmdr. Frank EECOM
12:56 PM 03/02/2011: de-orbit burn commenced. current distence from mars: 355, 778, 700
1:04 PM 03/02/2011: Passed earth's van allen belt.
1:37 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Melanson relieves Lt. Dunbar on logs.
1:44 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid detected.
1:49 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid collision warning.
1:51 PM 03/02/2011: We are short one helmet.
1:53 PM 03/02/2011: No asteroids detected, no impact.
2:00 PM 03/02/2011: Begun time acceleration to 0.500.
2:01 PM 03/02/2011: Time acceleration is now 0.250
2:04 PM 03/02/2011: Time acceleration is now 0.125
2:07 PM 03/02/2011: Going into depart reference and cutting engines at just over 10 million km from the sun.
2:07 PM 03/02/2011: Loading fuel into AYSE and habitat at 4.5 million km.
2:09 PM 03/02/2011: Our habitat fuel level has doubled.
2:11 PM 03/02/2011: Admiral Magwood confirms that loading fuel was a good idea.
2:14 PM 03/02/2011: Commencing burn towards Mars.
2:16 PM 03/02/2011: Correcting Vtan.
2:16 PM 03/02/2011: Unoficially commenced time acceleration to 0.375.
2:17 PM 03/02/2011: Time acceleration is now 0.125.
2:35 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid detected.
2:45 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid warning off.
2:52 PM 03/02/2011: Commencing time acceleration to 0.500
3:05 PM 03/02/2011: Turned the right way.
3:18 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid detected
3:19 PM 03/02/2011: Nearing Mars
3:20 PM 03/02/2011: Acc with target and ref as Sagan is -0.01
3:23 PM 03/02/2011: Beginning gravity assist with Mars
3:23 PM 03/02/2011: Passed Mars
3:24 PM 03/02/2011: Almost passing through asteroid belt.
3:25 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid warning has been on or past ten million km, not at asteroid belt yet.
3:32 PM 03/02/2011: 1x10^3 km from Sagan
3:33 PM 03/02/2011: Slowing down much more, cutting half AYSE's engines.
3:39 PM 03/02/2011: 1.75 km away from Sagan.
3:40 PM 03/02/2011: Only one AYSE engine remaining.  Reorienting to undock.
3:41 PM 03/02/2011: Undocked.
3:41 PM 03/02/2011: Habitat has one engine set, all others are shut off.
3:43 PM 03/02/2011: Exited AYSE.
3:45 PM 03/02/2011: 300m from Sagan, oriented with airlock facing Sagan.  MC insits that is actually the bottom that must touch.
3:47 PM 03/02/2011: 20m from Sagan, awaiting instructions.
3:49 PM 03/02/2011: Picking up LAURA with arm, 1m away from Sagan.
3:50 PM 03/02/2011: 0m away from Sagan.  RefVo is 0.00.
3:51 PM 03/02/2011: -0m away from Sagan.  Almost all values in Orbit are 0.
3:57 PM 03/02/2011: Still docked with Sagan. Waiting for MC to confirm that we are docked.
3:59 PM 03/02/2011: Undocked.
4:01 PM 03/02/2011: Redocked.
4:05 PM 03/02/2011: Undocked.
4:14 PM 03/02/2011: Still Waiting. Lt. Baltz switches camera feeds (Pumpkin recieves MC eed instead of airlock feed) and prompts MC to switch their camera. It is established that the Airlock feed to MC, which could have been disrupted by the process of removing Pumpkin from the termination block's Airlock feed junction, still unctions normally.
4:18 PM 03/02/2011: Still waiting.
4:25 PM 03/02/2011: fire alarm goes off due to toaster. everyone fine.
4:28 PM 03/02/2011: MC takes 14 minutes and counting to replace a single camera. LeClaire on CAPCOM requests information on the status of the camera replacement.
4:30 PM 03/02/2011: MC has to have camera replacement reasoning RE-EXPLAINED to them
4:30 PM 03/02/2011: Director Goddard's conspicuous abscence forces Director Ramclam to take an extra shift.
4:32 PM 03/02/2011: Still waiting. C+C cannot yet have a solid feed to MC because something is blocking the MC camera.
4:38 PM 03/02/2011: Top professors unable to tell not only what's wrong but how close they are to determining what's wong (<-- answer: Daisy) [sic]. Habitat attempts to detemine if this applies to Admiral Dr. Magwood as well. It does.
4:41 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid still detected from several hours ago. Doors that were opened to shut up the fire alarm are re-closed (Interlock:Longhouse, Interlock:Washroom, Interlock:Airlock, Interlock:Hotlab).
4:56 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid detection off
4:57 PM 03/02/2011: Everyone in C+C. No one doing anything.
5:00 PM 03/02/2011: Mission Control Commander Wheaton has apparently been acting Flight Director since 1630.
5:05 PM 03/02/2011: Cmdr. Martin and Lt. Baltz have to study for their calculus test in 1.5 hours.
5:21 PM 03/02/2011: still with the waiting
5:30 PM 03/02/2011: 1:40:1 spent waiting
5:50 PM 03/02/2011: Total waiting time: 2 hours. Finally LAURA is loaded. Permission granted from MC to keep Sagan docked as a module with the habitat if at all possible. AYSE drive docking procedures commenced.
5:52 PM 03/02/2011: Pilot: Lt. LeClaire. CAPCOM and Engineering: Lt. Dunbar. EECOM: Lt. Melanson. Cmdr. Martin, Lt. Cmdr. Frank studying calculus; Lt. Baltz writes a few entries in LOGS and then returns to studying.
5:54 PM 03/02/2011: Sagan cannot be docked with the AYSE drive, so it is released.                                                            
5:56 PM 03/02/2011: Time accelerating into AYSE. MC gets so mad they have to talk to the pilot.
5:57 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. LeClaire moves to copilot/logs, Lt. Dunbar to Pilot and Lt. Melanson moves to CAPCOM. Lt. Baltz returns to studying.
6:09 PM 03/02/2011: 600, 932, 400~KM from Jupiter.
6:11 PM 03/02/2011: Commencing High-energy transfer to Jupiter. 
6:12 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Cmdr. Frank takes control of ENG and EECOM.
6:13 PM 03/02/2011: Permission to time-accelerate granted.
6:17 PM 03/02/2011: ENG problem noticed and fixed.
6:21 PM 03/02/2011: time-acceleration at 1.0
6:22 PM 03/02/2011: time-acceleration at 2.0
6:30 PM 03/02/2011: Vtan corrected and commencing app targ burn
6:51 PM 03/02/2011: 10, 000, 000~KM rom Jupiter
8:16 PM 03/02/2011: Jupiter passed a long time ago. In orbit around Europa.
8:17 PM 03/02/2011: Preparing to Detach from AYSE to land at the designated target as to release laura
8:30 PM 03/02/2011: Disconnected rom AYSE
8:31 PM 03/02/2011: All unecessay systems disengaged
8:39 PM 03/02/2011: Asteroid Collision Warning. 
8:40 PM 03/02/2011: Strange noise in airlock; light appears to be on dispite light systems being offline
8:44 PM 03/02/2011: Exited AYSE
8:51 PM 03/02/2011: Approaching TARGET
8:56 PM 03/02/2011: All Astro RAD levels are 80.84 mS
9:00 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Dunbar buning retr Vtrg and will land at TARGET
9:04 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Dunbar beginning to lower vcen
9:05 PM 03/02/2011: All astro RAD levels are 102 mS
9:08 PM 03/02/2011: Landing ETA ~5-10 mins
9:11 PM 03/02/2011: Heading directly for TARGET
9:13 PM 03/02/2011: ETA ~5 mins
9:14 PM 03/02/2011: FUTURE REFERENCE: MC is very slow when values are needed, but very quick when they are not. 
9:32 PM 03/02/2011: All Astro RAD levels are 52 mS. CNC confused by how RAD levels halved in 30 mins. NOTE no time acceleration done in this time period.
9:39 PM 03/02/2011: As a result of all this, MC is restarting EECOM.
9:41 PM 03/02/2011: MC confirms that we are heading right for the target.
9:42 PM 03/02/2011: All Astro RAD levels are at 1.9 mS. Something is obviously wrong according to HAB. MC tasks professors.
9:50 PM 03/02/2011: Current RAD levels for all astro are 387.42 mS
9:52 PM 03/02/2011: Near to landing.
9:57 PM 03/02/2011: All engines, rad shields and A grav fail 2 KM from the europan surface.
10:01 PM 03/02/2011: Everything seems okay.
10:01 PM 03/02/2011: Inspection commenced
10:02 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Dunbar waking Cmdr. Martin. Medical Oficer (Lt. Cmdr Frank) deems him to be fine.
10:16 PM 03/02/2011: Figuring out which computer to map LAURA sotware to.
10:23 PM 03/02/2011: Hab makes decision to leave Europa to avoid radiation sickness. Plan is to get back into orbit around Jupiter. Downside is that a return to Europa would be required to do any maintaince LAURA might need (not tested due to problems mapping software).
10:27 PM 03/02/2011: Hab asks MC to run simulations to find theta HRT necessary to leave Europa.
10:29 PM 03/02/2011: simulation terminated. Lt. Leclaire wishes to do a retrograde launch to save time (re: radiation).
10:32 PM 03/02/2011: rad level for all astros is 801 mS
10:34 PM 03/02/2011: MC notes error. rad level is 450 mS 
10:35 PM 03/02/2011: A GRAV off. Rad shields up to 33%
10:35 PM 03/02/2011: lowering rad sheilds to 15% in prep for launch.
10:37 PM 03/02/2011: hab launched from surface of Europa. 
10:37 PM 03/02/2011: 2 degree cw roll initiated.
10:39 PM 03/02/2011: clockwise roll terminated. thrusting away from Europa.
10:41 PM 03/02/2011: hab reactor at 111. engines terminated.
10:41 PM 03/02/2011: MC warns Lt. Dunbar to watch engineering closer.
10:45 PM 03/02/2011: correcting vcen. orbit stabilising around 190 km above Europa. 
10:46 PM 03/02/2011: safe orbit established. hab awaits ASYE
10:46 PM 03/02/2011: EECOM, Mr. Paul; FD, Mr. Goddard; CAPCOM/Eng, Mr. Benoit; Telem/Logs, Pelletier.
10:49 PM 03/02/2011: rad shields to 24%. hab reactor at 93 and rising
10:51 PM 03/02/2011: Hab reads Rad levels as signiicantly below 0. Asks MC for conirmation.
10:52 PM 03/02/2011: Rad returns to previously recorded levels, asteroid detection on EECOM
10:54 PM 03/02/2011: Mr. Paul leaves EECOM
10:55 PM 03/02/2011: Mr. Paul returns to EECOM
10:55 PM 03/02/2011: Hab requests MC constantly project Lt. Leclaire's orbit to absolutely ensure the hab docks safely with ASYE, due to the trickiness of the maneouver
10:58 PM 03/02/2011: Hab is going to miss AYSE. Leclaire plans to turn around and catch up to ASYE
10:59 PM 03/02/2011: Manoeuver was apparently successful. Leclaie attempts to  dock with ASYE. This is going to be a tricky maneouver
***** add 380 mS whenever mc gives us an eecom reading*****
11:03 PM 03/02/2011: rad levels at 424.6 mS
11:04 PM 03/02/2011: hab detects asteroid collision warning.
11:07 PM 03/02/2011: asteroid hits longhouse; longhouse begins venting due to hole.
11:08 PM 03/02/2011: AGRAV momentarily engaged to give MC the longhouse feed
11:09 PM 03/02/2011: IVA to be perormed ater orbit around jupiter is achieved or sooner. Hab almost docked with AYSE
11:13 PM 03/02/2011: hab refreshing Engineering very quickly so as to dock with AYSE
11:17 PM 03/02/2011: engineering not synched. eecom is also not functioning 
11:18 PM 03/02/2011: saving ORBIT file as m2011z before restarting all software.
11:19 PM 03/02/2011: Leclaire believes server is dead
11:20 PM 03/02/2011: attempting to fix server
11:20 PM 03/02/2011: server up, one computer is causing malfunctions. believes it to be Cassini
11:21 PM 03/02/2011: leclaire rebooting server ater turning cassini off temporarily
11:21 PM 03/02/2011: Hab is now docked with AYSE (software/server working again)
11:22 PM 03/02/2011: Rad shields to 200%, A GRAV on, other systems being turned on
11:23 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Leclaire takes over CAPCOM (having entered orbit)
11:25 PM 03/02/2011: US Defense Secretary reprimands Leclaire for "hacking in" to the network (which Leclaire set up himself). Baltz reminds USDC through MC that USDC has no authority over an Ottawa-based simulationset up himself).
11:28 PM 03/02/2011: hab reading extremely low rad levels (both inside and outside)
11:30 PM 03/02/2011: professor notes we were about 1.2 million when we loaded fuel from the sun
11:31 PM 03/02/2011: MC informs Hab that they are in AYSE and approaching Jupiter. Hab already knew
11:35 PM 03/02/2011: Dunbar being prepared for IVA. Hab notes that the sixth helmet was overlooked in the airlock earlier.
11:36 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Commander Frank decides to go with Lt. Dunbar in case of emergency. She will remain in the Interlock while Dunbar moves into the Longhouse with duct tape and an EVA suit. Formal repairs with a caulking gun and drywall will occur later when the room has an atmosphere.
11:44 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. LeClaire takes CAPCOM from Lt. Baltz, who switches from CAPCOM to logs. Once LeClaire has informed MC not to worry under any circumstances about how close he's going to get to Jupiter.
11:48 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Melanson offers a strict reprimand to MC for missing that Telemetry froze when LeClaire saved his state sdo that Baltz could run a simulation on what happens when you pass the software's arbitrary "surface" of Jupiter.
11:41 PM 03/02/2011: IVA begun
11:53 PM 03/02/2011: Lt. Baltz's simulation shows that hitting the software's arbitrary Jupiter "surface"
11:50 PM 03/02/2011: IVA restarted to get better tools and to recover a piece of the asteroid for testing if possible.
11:55 PM 03/02/2011: Fuel test aborted. Low orbit is too dangerous to risk it. AYSE's 1.1 million kg of fuel will have to be sufficient.
11:59 PM 03/02/2011: Stable orbit achieved.
12:03 AM 03/03/2011: The same events as occurred at 2320 on these logs occurs; ENG and EECOM cease to update.
12:04 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClaire spends way too long on the phone with MC having a terrible conversation with an ES1 employee attempting to accomplish a server correction that he already corrected between 23:20 and 
12:07 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. Baltz switches camera feed in MC from Interlock to Airlock, which is a pitch black feed. No one notices.
12:17 AM 03/03/2011: Still working on the server correction. ES1 was unhelpful because they were watching a movie.
12:19 AM 03/03/2011: LeClaire still establishing server connection, MC still hasn't noticed what would appear to be a crucial error in the camera systems, Dunbar and Frank still waiting for IVA
12:23 AM 03/03/2011: ES1 recommends restarting the computers aboard the Hab, which would accomplish literally nothing. Habitat rejects ES1's demands that they allow ES1 to fix the server problem, rather allowing Lt. LeClaire to repeat the events of  23:20-23:21.
12:24 AM 03/03/2011: MC has still not noticed the camera feed switching.
12:26 AM 03/03/2011: ES1 has locked Lt. Leclaire out (they changed the password). This completely PREVENTS us from continuing the mission, most notably completing the IVA to repair which prevents us from SLEEPING. Lt. Baltz shouts into CAPCOM pretty much at the top of his voice that if they are going to hold up the mission, not to mention orcing very hungry and very tired people to not eat or sleep, because of their own arrogance and ignorance when there is almost certainly a simple solution, they do not belong in Earth Station 1, they lack human empathy, and they will all be immediately fired when he returns to Earth.
12:30 AM 03/03/2011: ES1 allows ten minute access to server; password to be relayed "at some point". Pity is taken on them by the habitat and their feed it restored.
12:32 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClaire recieves server password. Attempting login.
12:32 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClaire into server. Background changed to repeated "STOP". Hab would like to inform ES1 that that is INCREDIBLY rude given everything that has happened over the past several hours.
12:34 AM 03/03/2011: When tasked with fixing server, Ms. Evans DID NOT add colons to any of the drive letters, and CLOSED server software beore finishing which removed any changes she made.
12:37 AM 03/03/2011: Server back online due to Lt. Leclaire's work. Hab decides NOT to retaliate and DOES NOT change the password to lock ES1 out of the server because that would be childish.
12:37 AM 03/03/2011: Software back up and synched in Hab.
12:39 AM 03/03/2011: MC "experiencing difficulties".
12:40 AM 03/03/2011: MC power structure compromised. If ES1 attempts to take over MC Hab will proceed to assume MC has been compromised and will cut ALL connection to MC
12:45 AM 03/03/2011: Longhouse is reading as pressurized for Hab. It is not pressurized on MC EECOM.
12:46 AM 03/03/2011: MC restarts software to synch back with server.
12:49 AM 03/03/2011: ES1 asks to speak to Cmdr. Martin. This is against protocol and previously resulted in mass firing (see Daedalus 2010). Cmdr. Martin is ADAMANT about NOT speaking directly to ES1.
12:54 AM 03/03/2011: ES1's EECOM is NOT working. Hab asks ES1 through MC to run EECOM on Tamreraire and Hab will remap the drive or them.
12:54 AM 03/03/2011: None of ES1's computers are working. These are the computers we read values from. Hab asks ES1 to RESTART computer. ES1 has already tried that.
12:56 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. Baltz chastized for unprofessionality. Cmdr. Martin asks to refrain from pettiness until all our problems are solved.
12:58 AM 03/03/2011: Telemetry, down, reading 0731. (Mir)
12:59 AM 03/03/2011: Hab asks MC to shut down all of their software.
1:00 AM 03/03/2011: Hab initiates "airlock test" again.  
1:00 AM 03/03/2011: CAPCOM, Director Ramclam. Other shifts unknown as of now.
1:01 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClaire believes he has fixed the problem.
1:03 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClaire restarts server.
1:12 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClaire hasn't solved the problem.
1:13 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClaire continues to try to fix the problem.
1:16 AM 03/03/2011: No one has noticed the camera feed that was re-switched from the interlock to the airlock. Half an hour ago
1:19 AM 03/03/2011: ES1, having asked MC at around 1249 if they can speak to Cmdr. Martin directly without communicating through MC, is calmly informed to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever request that again.
1:23 AM 03/03/2011: ES1 insists for several minutes that EECOM is only a mockup of the sensor data from the habitat and not an accurate protrayal of the habitat's environmental sensor data. Then they decide that of course "it is a mock-up and not accurate sensor data" means "it is not a mock-up and is accurate sensor data".
1:23 AM 03/03/2011: All that ES1 did was to reroute all the drives to the wrong computers. Lt. LeClaire has successfully re-synched us.
1:28 AM 03/03/2011: EECOM in Hab is now reading Longhouse as vented. 
1:31 AM 03/03/2011: ES1 points out that this is because they have given us a mockup. Hab points out this is quite unhelpful.
1:43 AM 03/03/2011: ES1 Continues to be unhelpful and considered to be, by the HAB, incompetent.
1:46 AM 03/03/2011: Burgers being cooked.
1:51 AM 03/03/2011: Power in the important socket in the Interlock (the one next to the fridge and under the microwave) lost as well as lights lost, dinner cannot continue to be made.
1:58 AM 03/03/2011: Power bar connected to working outlet in interlock; microwave, glorifindel, and kettle all connected. Burgers made.
2:04 AM 03/03/2011: Earth Station 1 is STILL watching a movie and not responsive to the habitat's requests to help us with getting lights back to the Longhouse. Both Commanders of the organisation and the only available Subcommander issue a direct order to  prevent ES1 from continuing to watch their movie until they come to understand that they have a group of people stuck in a small box millions of kilimotres away whom they are preventing from SLEEPING OR CONTUNUING TO COOK THEIR FOOD.
2:41 AM 03/03/2011: Cmdr. Martin orders all non-essential personnel to retire to bed while he maintains CAPCOM with Flight Director Goddard, who is alone in MC with no MC or ES1 personnel. Lt. LeClaire and Lt. Baltz remain awake to record in their personal logs the events of the evening with a focus on the trangressions of ES1.
4:31 AM 03/03/2011: No events so far. Still in stable orbit around Jupiter. Except for a brief visit from Lt. Dunbar, all astronauts other than Cmdr. Martin and Lt. Baltz have been in bed since approximately 0300. Cmdr. Martin runs AUXCOM and monitors ENG and EECOM while Lt. Baltz manages LOGS, watches Orbit, and drafts the habitat's official record of the events of the evening as they relate to ES1. MC is currently manned by Flight Director Goddard as well as Mr. Pelletier and Ms. Benoit. 
4:41 AM 03/03/2011: Lt. Baltz gets on CAPCOM with MC in order to cross-reference his report with MC's memories and logs of the event.
8:53 AM 03/03/2011: MC, despite having the knowledge that all 6 astros have not gotten more then 1 hour of sleep in the past 24 hours, decides to go against protocol and play music through the speaker system, which woke everyone up, and disrupted our sleep.
10:31 AM 03/03/2011: Heimdall not networked. ES1 has to ask the habitat if it's connected to the network. The hab recommends that all future personnel of ES1 undergo network training.
10:42 AM 03/03/2011: Mr. Robert Thirsk arives in Mission Control.
10:58 AM 03/03/2011: Asteroid detected.
11:00 AM 03/03/2011: No asteroids detected.
11:35 AM 03/03/2011: Asteroid detected
11:37 AM 03/03/2011: Mr. Robert Thirsk departs from MC.
11:38 AM 03/03/2011: No asteroids detected.
11:39 AM 03/03/2011: Asteroids detected.
12:05 PM 03/03/2011: waste vented.
12:05 PM 03/03/2011: Asteroid collision warning. Cmdr. Martin, Lt. Baltz, and Lt. Dunbar prepped in longhouse; Lt. Cmdr. Frank, Lt. LeClaire, and Lt. Melanson in CNC.
12:12 PM 03/03/2011: Asteroid Visual: It's small and moving the other way. Also noted that is the first UFO we have recieved a visual of out of 7.
1:40 PM 03/03/2011: Passing Io with network falures, Lt. LeClaire attempts to fix it.
1:42 PM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClare has fixed the network again.
2:51 PM 03/03/2011: hab in stable orbit around europa and has been for several minutes. for the past little while hab has been getting the Master Alarm intermittedly. the hab has never registered any issues in engineering (except for a possible short in AYSE power bus, but it was later decided it was probably accounted for by systems use) and has remained synched with both hab and mc software. cmdr martin and lt leclaire have both confirmed engineering closet as unharmed.
2:55 PM 03/03/2011: hab still in stable orbit around Europa. astronauts taking short break as hab completes one rotation of Europa; afterwards, they will land at the target site and deploy the ice coring unit.
2:59 PM 03/03/2011: best professor in mc is working on examining the water supply. hab and mc decide that the master alarm has been malfunctioning all mission (as evidenced by it not going off when systems were malfunctioning on first trip to Europa) and will ignore it until informed otherwise.
4:05 PM 03/03/2011: Asteroid collision warning.
4:36 PM 03/03/2011: MC Commander Euan Wheaton complains that he has no one trained in Telemetry. Habitat suggests that Cmdr. Wheaton put Robert Thirsk on Telemetry.
4:52 PM 03/03/2011: Logs dedicated computer Heimdall switched over to LAURA dedicated computer Heimdall.
4:53 PM 03/03/2011: MC requests LAURA 
6:33 PM 03/03/2011: Still piloting LAURA. RAD levels  have been reset twice, but they are estimated to be around 500
7:57 PM 03/03/2011: MC consistently backseat piloting, staunching Lt. Baltz's creative flair
7:58 PM 03/03/2011: Waiting for MC to let us restart LAURA software. Refer to [LAURA logs] for in-depth details regarding the events during LAURA piloting. Summary: a sound source has been detected and LAURA is currently headed towards it.
8:15 PM 03/03/2011: Lt. LeClaire discovers why plugging in the multiplexer causes all the diodes to go out:
12:55 AM 03/04/2011: In the last fews hours, more progress on AYSE/ use of parallax software. Ayse reactor blows up due to a software de-synch confusion. Fixes temporarily, but the ACC and Vcen are far too high while we attempt to get into an orbit around Jupiter, so we push the AYSE reactor to 130 and the  engines to over 300, but then the AYSE Reactor explodes again and we are only able to use one AYSE engine at 10% in order to attempt to get a stable orbit around Jupiter. Cdr. Martin and Lt. Baltz are awoken and Lt. Baltz is told to return to sleep by order of the medical officer.
12:55 AM 03/04/2011: Fuel leak discovered on AYSE. It is leaking terribly........ah. Meanwhile, Lt. Leclaire is relaying the unfortunate recent events.
1:11 AM 03/04/2011: Some systems of HAB are, without reason, not drawing as much amperage. We are unsure of the reasons, and MC is hopefully going to figure something out (preferrably in fewer than 9 hours).
1:13 AM 03/04/2011: It is suggested by Lt. Leclaire that a back-up system be placed in the software for error correction to minimize, and hopefully eliminate, events similar to many of the ones during the mission of software not being synched.
1:28 AM 03/04/2011: Cdr. Martin and Lt. Dunbar are ordered to go to bed.
1:29 AM 03/04/2011: By this point, Lt. Leclaire has taken over piloting.
1:35 AM 03/04/2011: Lt. Leclaire states that the crew has not sat down and had a meal together as a group. This is very depressing.
1:46 AM 03/04/2011: Fuel leak has stopped by now.  
2:01 AM 03/04/2011: MC tells us the accumulated radiation amounts.
2:05 AM 03/04/2011: Accidentally fire engines at 100% and "they" didn't even notice.....haha haha states Lt. Leclaire. "Well that's disappointing" states Lt. Cdr Frank.
2:06 AM 03/04/2011: Still undergoing the slowest attempt at orbit ever attempted. "Kind of fun with one engine" states Leclaire.
2:29 AM 03/04/2011: Lt. Melanson goes to sleep.
2:29 AM 03/04/2011: Lt. Cdr. Frank and Lt. Leclaire have a long conversation with Admiral Magwood (One point that remains as depressing as when the Admiral told it to Lt. Cdr Frank is that the Ayse drive is not likely to return to Earth this year having been subjected to far too much).
2:30 AM 03/04/2011: Cdr. Martin is now in C&C.
2:31 AM 03/04/2011: A stable orbit around Jupiter is maintained at 86,939 km above the surface.
2:35 AM 03/04/2011: Lt Cdr. Frank advises Cdr. Martin to return to sleep in order to be awake when necessary later on unstead of sleeping at that point. This fails.
3:36 AM 03/04/2011: Lt. Leclaire goes to bed finally after doing a ton of work with Admiral Magwood and parallax.
6:02 AM 03/04/2011: Longhouse vents briefly. Cmdr. Martin manages to quickly repressurize the room and prevent astros from dying. reason still being determined.
6:05 AM 03/04/2011: MC explains that there was a cellphone on top of a kleenex box on top of the EECOM keyboard, and when the alarm on the phone went off, it depressed the venting key. it should also be noted that MC seemed surprised when told the longhoue was venting. cmdr. martin reprimands them for their obliviousness. current mc staff, as observed via camera feed, includes director goddard, Ms. Evans, mr. eglin, and ms. sam ______. Cmdr. Martin would also like to note that their apology message over AUXCOM was proceeded by several joking remarks, which are uncalled for, given the serious manner of their negligence.
6:43 AM 03/04/2011: fearing the observation skills of MC, Cmdr. Martin enacts the infamous "Airlock Test".
6:44 AM 03/04/2011: MC notices almost instantly. Cmdr. Martin regains a small bit of faith in MC.
10:19 AM 03/04/2011: Lt. Melanson, Lt. Dunbar, and Lt. Baltz are awake. Also, Cmdr. Martin has gone to bed.
10:55 AM 03/04/2011: The plan to dive into Europa without AYSE is secured, and the crew takes R+R while they still can.
11:54 AM 03/04/2011: Having played The Final Countdown over the speaker systems, MC gets impatient that the habitat is waiting to dive.
12:02 PM 03/04/2011: The habitat still would like to not leave AYSE in orbit around Jupiter and enter the Van Allen Belt. Both MC and the Hab try to think of a solution.
12:16 PM 03/04/2011: Attempting to resolve the issues with AYSE.
12:34 PM 03/04/2011: Momentarily AYSE engines work due to the server being reset; they promptly go offline.
12:58 PM 03/04/2011: Time acceleration to reach proper position to burn to Europa.
12:59 PM 03/04/2011: Meanwhile, we send Lt. Melanson to the Longhouse where Cdr. Martin and Lt. Dunbar are asleep in case anything happens to the Longhouse. 
1:02 PM 03/04/2011: We are burning engines at 10%. We only have 1 engine still, although we do have the battery now, though that does not really help.
1:03 PM 03/04/2011: Fuel leak in habitat??  
1:08 PM 03/04/2011: The professors in MC again give us such helpful advice- They advise us to allow more time to correct our path due to the fact that we only have 10% of one engine which is indeed less than 4 engines at 100%. (40 times less).
1:14 PM 03/04/2011: The habitat has indeed stopped leaking.
1:16 PM 03/04/2011: An asteroid is detected.....we are so very nervous about this.
1:22 PM 03/04/2011: Time acceleration, as well as awaiting confirmation to be able to use a second AYSE engine in order to correct Vtan. This would put less risk on our lives and AYSE.
1:25 PM 03/04/2011: A direct command is made by acting mission commander, as well as medical officer, Lt. Cdr. Frank, to put top priority on giving us control of another engine. They are "deliberating.....". This is quite worrying!.
1:30 PM 03/04/2011: MC does not think we can use another engine......
1:35 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. Cdr. Frank is thoroughly unimpressed by the lack of specific numbers of their "experts". MC Cdr. Wheaton is unimpressed on our specifics apparently...
1:41 PM 03/04/2011: Despite the fact that there was a sufficient quantity of hydrogen 1.2 million km from the sun for the habitat and AYSE to each load 40,000 kg of fuel in a matter of 10-15 seconds, there was too low a density of hydrogen at the "surface" of Jupiter for the habitat to load any fuel. However, this density of hydrogen was sufficient to knock 3 of the 4 engines entirely off of AYSE, despite their not even being pointed towards Jupiter. One of the engines, GPD3, was mostly unscathed. The habitat does not even begin to understand how a density of Hydrogen that is clearly less than the density of Hydrogen 1.2 million km from the sun was able to entirely knock 3 engines off of AYSE. This confuses all officers on duty (Acting Cmdr. Frank, Lt. LeClaire, Lt. Baltz) beyond belief. It is suggested that this is an anomaly relating to the one that did something strange to LAURA.
1:43 PM 03/04/2011: MC runs a simulation of Lt. LeClaire's trajectory without the habitat requesting him to and, for the second time this mission, ignores that the pilot will be making adjustments later. They do not inform the habitat that they have run this simulation and offer advise based on it. No one is pleased.
1:50 PM 03/04/2011: MC clearly doesn't have any faith in Lt. LeClaire because they will not let him time accelerate.
1:53 PM 03/04/2011: Acting Cmdr. Frank gives the order that Lt. LeClaire be able to time accelerate.
1:53 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. Baltz, upon finding some new NAVmodes, is apparently a certifiable habitat pilot. Having practiced taking off and being informed that there are NAVmodes that cancel Vtan while maintaining Vcen and one that stops you at your target, he can apparently take off, circularize, and land.
2:16 PM 03/04/2011: The idea of using Europa's oceans as fuel and for life support systems is shot down by ES1 as "unnecessary". Lt. Baltz on CAPCOM informs MC that they are in space to learn things, and splitting apart water into constituent hydrogen and oxygen, using the fusion reactor to create deuterium and tritium (proven to be a profitable operation by the flyby with the sun), and then fuelling both the habitat systems and the life support systems with the hydrogen and oxygen will tell us something about the makeup of Europa's oceans and the operating capabilities of the habitat's systems. The Admiral personally chastizes Lt. Baltz for the request, saying that he doesn't give a rat's ass about whether or not it is scientifically interesting and to try and that it's like having a million dollars and robbing an old lady for an extra 5 bucks.
2:23 PM 03/04/2011: An impact with the habitat is heard in C+C, but we are still inside AYSE and registered no asteroid detection.
2:24 PM 03/04/2011: All crew members awake, in C+C.
2:25 PM 03/04/2011: The hab has entered the Van Allen Belt, RAD shields at 200%
2:35 PM 03/04/2011: More collisions with the side of the habitat heard. Still inside AYSE, no asteroid detected. It is suggested that AYSE's maintenance systems are slightly malfunctioning, and the noises heard are representative of AYSE attempting to repair itself.
2:40 PM 03/04/2011: MC informs the pilot, who has been getting into orbit around Europa for at least the past two hours, that he is getting into orbit around Europa. The Commander informs them that we do in fact have a copy of Orbit.
2:44 PM 03/04/2011: Infamous "Airlock Test" commences.
2:47 PM 03/04/2011: MC notices that they have a feed of the airlock, think that the longhouse feed is down. Getting much better.
2:48 PM 03/04/2011: MC asks whether or not Lt. LeClaire is running a simulation of his orbit circularization, which is at an altitude of 51 km. Lt. LeClaire informs them that he is incapable of running a simulation of his own piloting in real time.
2:49 PM 03/04/2011: Relatively perfect orbit established
2:50 PM 03/04/2011: Problem with the server: ENG, EECOM, MC's Telemetry responding.
3:54 PM 03/04/2011: Something bizarre happened on ORBIT which apparently caused ORBIT to crash. Upon restarting the program, Lt. Dunbar took a video of it using Lt. Baltz's camera. Hab is still communicating real time with MC.
3:56 PM 03/04/2011: Vcen increased very quickly as we approached the surface and touched down. It appears we were sucked in towards the surface.
4:01 PM 03/04/2011: All programs updating. EECOM reads a huge drop in outside and inside radiation. ORBIT reads us as floating in space now. Hab is targeting "unknownV" and has a ref of "G581". We can reference planets, most of which are named "unknown[letter]". we can also reference "anomaly". We travelled back in time.
4:03 PM 03/04/2011: We can confirm we are a large distance away from our solar system.
4:06 PM 03/04/2011: we are currently referencing "G581g". we see a large grey circle nearby and a small purple circle nearby.
4:23 PM 03/04/2011: Hab considered picking up LAURA; decided to pick it up on the way home instead. Cmdr. Martin grants permission to head towards G581 with the ultimate goal of arriving at planet G581g. 
4:26 PM 03/04/2011: Attempted to head for G581 system, hab seems to be being drawn away from the system. Hab feels targeting system is completely broken. All blue dots in the system are targetable.
4:28 PM 03/04/2011: unknownV appears to be AYSE drive stuck in a giant blue circle. It appears to be the farthest thing we can target.
4:29 PM 03/04/2011: Targeting systems still not functioning correctly.
4:30 PM 03/04/2011: Targeting systems now working, albeit poorly.
4:33 PM 03/04/2011: unknownT appears to be a set of concentric circles as do most unknown values; MC and hab belive it to be the ORBIT software attempting to get values.
4:36 PM 03/04/2011: Software deemed unreliable. MC advises not watching software for another half hour or so. MC suggests some sort of crew bonding time.
5:45 PM 03/04/2011: Timestamp is 2004. The crew appears to have gone back 7 years in time, but communications with MC are still in real time.
5:52 PM 03/04/2011: A water diagnostic takes about 10 minutes to complete.
6:12 PM 03/04/2011: More dinner being prepared. New version of flight software online. 
6:14 PM 03/04/2011: RAD levels clearly reset AGAIN, as astros are measured to be at 19 mS.
6:15 PM 03/04/2011: Attempting to establish an orbit around planet f because fuel is down to approximately 80,000 kg. The crew deliberates as to whether or not to cut RAD shields down from 10% with INSIDE RAD at 5.5 muS/s.
6:16 PM 03/04/2011: The hab requests that MC get an estimate from ES1 regarding their RAD levels. ES1 gives 150 mS as the total, which strikes the hab as somewhat unrealistic because two days before it was 550 mS.
6:22 PM 03/04/2011: Although planet f's mysterious light is fairly intriguing, the hab crew deliberates as to whether or not to go to the sun to fuel up and then to g.
6:30 PM 03/04/2011: MC simulates a trip to the g581 star.
6:37 PM 03/04/2011: MC apparently hasn't been running a simulated burn towards the sun as was requested at 18:22.
6:47 PM 03/04/2011: The crew mostly decides to risk their lives by going towards the sun to load fuel rather than returning to the anomaly and back to AYSE.
6:54 PM 03/04/2011: RAD shields at 10%, lights off, all personnel to C+C and A-GRAV and lights turned off.
6:57 PM 03/04/2011: Official vote is unanimous: no one among the crew wishes to abort the mission.
6:58 PM 03/04/2011: The admiral gives 3 options: to land on f, explore, then go back through the wormhole, or to go back through the wormhole immediately, refuel, and come back tomorrow, or to head straight for planet g with no regard for our lives. These options assume that the wormhole is traversable 2-ways, and some assume that we can get back through the wormhole. The Admiral is not sure that we can fuel around the g581 star.
7:00 PM 03/04/2011: The crew commences radio silence in order to deliberate.
7:05 PM 03/04/2011: 4 in favor of landing on Gliese 581 f and then returning through the wormhole, with an option to return later to planet g. This is clearly the majority opinion and is therefore selected as the appropriate option.
7:07 PM 03/04/2011: Radio transmission resumed. MC informed of the crew's decision.
7:10 PM 03/04/2011: MC has hung up the phone without notifying us and has to be signalled over the camera to pick it up.
7:11 PM 03/04/2011: MC apparently misunderstood the plan that was selected, which was to land on g581f and then return to the wormhole, and hung up the phone, having to be told to pick up the phone to inform us that we had permission to go back through the wormhole.
7:14 PM 03/04/2011: MC just wants to make sure that we want to carry out the plan that we voted for.
7:14 PM 03/04/2011: Permission granted from MC to carry out the landing on planet f.
7:18 PM 03/04/2011: Pilot switches to Lt. Dunbar from Lt. LeClaire, who moves to ENG. Cmdr. Martin on CAPCOM, Lt. Melanson on EECOM, Lt. Baltz has been on LOGS since approximately 18:00, at which time the crew was also eating dinner. Lt. Cmdr. Frank observing in C+C.
7:21 PM 03/04/2011: Engines up to 90% thrust, Lt. Dunbar commences landing.
7:24 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. LeClaire notices a short on the Secondary Bus even though only COM is running. Tertiary and Primary Buses both isolated from the Secondary Bus and running seperately. 118V, 605A, 71.5kW on the Secondary Bus. The operational assumption is that communications through the wormhole are more stressful for the system than communications are elsewhere. The crew deliberates and attempts to remove stress on the Secondary Bus by connecting the Secondary Bus to the Tertiary Bus.
7:32 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. Dunbar requests permission to time accelerate with his engines off.
7:32 PM 03/04/2011: Airlock Test iniated to test MC alertness.
7:33 PM 03/04/2011: MC Shifts: Director Ramclam acting Flight Director, Lawrence Maroun ENG, Olivia Maroun Telemetry, Alex Mercereaux LOGS, Mr. Pelletier and Ms. Bonyun EECOM, Ms. Benoit CAPCOM. The habitat requests why there are two people on EECOM, and is informed that Ms. Bonyun is not actually on EECOM but "just chilling".
7:36 PM 03/04/2011: The temperature is registered as -276. Lt. Baltz insanely posits that, if there is residual exotic matter around the habitat, the negative Energy, necessarily including negative Kinetic Energy, could be expressed as a temperature reading of below absolute zero.
7:37 PM 03/04/2011: Anomaly is going to hit the planet in about 2.5 Earth  hours, according to Mission Control.
7:39 PM 03/04/2011: The hab considers suggesting that MC project where the anomaly will hit the planet and that they give us a target for Lt. Dunbar to land there so that no adjustments will have to made and we can just be sent right back through the anomaly when it hits. Lt. LeClaire points out that it is very difficult to land in a specific spot in an atmosphere, but Lt. Dunbar recalls that the anomaly sucks the habitat in. The habitat is remembered to have been sucked in from 1.5km away. The hab will have to land within a maximum of 1.5 km away from the projected target.
7:43 PM 03/04/2011: MC still has not passed the Airlock Test.
7:48 PM 03/04/2011: Director Ramclam, suffering from a crucial Telemetry error, draws a circle on the air over the camera feed and points to the place where he wants us to land. They are "working on getting numbers". Lt. Dunbar starts estimating to within 1.5km of the impact location.
7:52 PM 03/04/2011: Intensive Gaston Unit requested to be played over the habitat speaker systems.
7:55 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. Dunbar switches to retr Vtrg
7:56 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. Dunbar suggests that he will not be able to land on time and that MC's estimated location for the intersection of the anomaly's trajectory with the planet's is incorrect. He suggests that we instead head straight for the wormhole. The crew deliberates whether we should land on the planet at a site close to the projected landing site of the anomaly, get into orbit around the planet and wait for the anomaly to head for it, or else just head striaght for the wormhole and return to the system tomorrow.
8:00 PM 03/04/2011: MC has still not passed the Airlock Test.
8:00 PM 03/04/2011: The crew still is deliberating. Getting off the planet appears more feasible when Lieutenants Baltz and LeClaire reveal their discovery of several hours ago that the habitat still has SRBs. The crew figures that this is because of AYSE's auto-repair systems.
8:06 PM 03/04/2011: The wormhole is found to be moving towards the planet faster than the habitat can go. Lt. Dunbar opts to slow the habitat down, wait for the wormhole to strike the planet, and then land near it.
8:07 PM 03/04/2011: MC is dead certain that the anomaly hitting the planet will be a travesty. The crew asks why it wouldn't just sit on the planet like it sat on Europa.
8:08 PM 03/04/2011: MC maintains that the anomaly will go straight through the planet. They say thayt it has never differentiated between matter, rather transmitting matter on a point-to-point basis. The crew points out that it did differentiate between the ocean floor of Europa (and presumably the water surrounding it) and the LAURA submersible.
8:10 PM 03/04/2011: MC requests the hab's intended course of action: to land slightly further away from the wormhole than 1.5 km away which is the measured distance at which the wormhole transmits matter, then explore the planet, then go through the wormhole when we're done. MC, with absolutely no reasoning offered, maintains that the anomaly will merely traverse through the planet. The hab points out that if that happens, they will merely orbit around the planet and then catch up with the anomaly on the other side. Mission Control, or more like Earth Station 1, informs the habitat that the anomaly is obviously closing. No one is willing to provide the habitat with any reasoning.
8:17 PM 03/04/2011: Commander Martin, suspecting the work of Earth Station 1, requests whether or not he should proceed with Mutiny Procedures regarding the Mission Control power structure.
8:19 PM 03/04/2011: The habitat continues with the plan to land on the planet and explore. They disregard all instructions regarding accelerating towards the wormhole because literally no reasoning or information was offered and MC appears to be acting as a puppet to Earth Station 1. The habitat sees absolutely no reason why they should trust the professors' unsubstantiated statements that the wormhole a)projects all matter regardless of what that matter is, b)they won't be able to catch it on the other side of the planet, c)the wormhole is closing. Since the habitat has only observed evidence contrary to the first and has no reason to believe the latter two, and since Earth Station 1 offers literally no supporting evidence for what they are saying, the habitat crew assumes that Earth Station 1 is merely making things up and is feeding false information to the habitat through MC.
8:21 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. LeClaire suggests that the professors are attempting to prevent the habitat crew from discovering something that they know about the planet. Cmdr. Martin requests that Director Ramclam not listen to anything ES1 says. Director Ramclam gives the commander his word that this is what he will do. The habitat officially adopts the assumption that Earth Station 1 is attempting to sabotague the mission.
8:25 PM 03/04/2011: Mission Control has still not passed the Airlock Test.
8:33 PM 03/04/2011: The anomaly is going to orbit the planet. The habitat's assumptions that ES1 was feeding them false information are essentially confirmed.
8:37 PM 03/04/2011: A plan is hatched to give MC a feed of themselves. Lt. Baltz, operating at 10gs, gets to work from his LOGS chair.
8:40 PM 03/04/2011: MC runs simulations, finds the anomaly orbiting essentially indefinitely. They also offer to play Intensive Gaston Unit ASAP.
8:55 PM 03/04/2011: After a short break aboard the habitat, Lt. Dunbar is piloting, Lt. Cmdr. Frank CAPCOM, Lt. LeClaire ENG, Lt. Melanson EECOM, Lt. Baltz LOGS, Cmdr. Martin temporarily out of C+C.
9:01 PM 03/04/2011: MC tells the pilot to coast to the planet. They state that engine acceleration upon landing will be 58. The pilot inquires as to why MC is advocating crashing into the planet.
9:03 PM 03/04/2011: MC informs the pilot that he should keep his "acceleration" between 5 and 10. The pilot declines to ask whether they mean Acc or engine acceleration, assuming that they mean Acc.
9:07 PM 03/04/2011: Cmdr. Martin returns to C+C, adopts the post of Habitat Commander.
9:14 PM 03/04/2011: The crew wonders what altitude the atmosphere of the f planet becomes non-negligible at.
9:14 PM 03/04/2011: MC wants Lt. Dunbar to increase with Acc at 9.41 and increasing. Lt. Dunbar points out that if it's increasing, coasting will not cause it to decrease. MC appears confused about what the Acc value is, seeming to suggest that it's below 8.00. Lt. Dunbar requests the commander to respectfully inform them that they are completely wrong.
9:16 PM 03/04/2011: Given the size of the planet, the habitat crew believes the f planet to have an atmosphere that is either high above the planet or particularly dense.
9:18 PM 03/04/2011: MC Staffing: FD Ramclam, Mr. Maroun ENG, Mr. Ellis EECOM, Ms. Maroun Telemetry, Mr. Beynon LOGS, Mr. Pelletier CAPCOM
9:20 PM 03/04/2011: MC told to run a simulation to see when the atmosphere on planet f starts.
9:21 PM 03/04/2011: MC informs the hab that they should know when the atmosphere starts because they will see a decrease in engine acceleration. One of the worst pilots aboard the hab, Lt. Baltz, is able to immediately inform them that there is an atmospheric drag number on Telemetry. They spend 3 minutes carefully deliberating over pressing "X * *" on their software and then watching the atmospheric drag number.
9:24 PM 03/04/2011: MC informs the hab that they have "overshot the atmosphere" on their atmosphere simulation, saying that they registered an atmosphere at 20 km but discounting that as a glitch.
9:25 PM 03/04/2011: Currently 5,450 km from planet f with an engine acceleration of 12.05 and an Acc of 9.65, fuel at 62,239 and Hab Reactor at 108 with all 4 engines at 90% with a vector line directly towards the planet. Radiation is negligible with no RAD Shields on. We are quickly approaching the planet. The crew eagerly awaits the MC simulation.
9:31 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. Dunbar confirms that, with no atmosphere, he can still land the habitat.
9:32 PM 03/04/2011: The habitat requests that MC tell Earth Station 1 to get them information regarding the atmosphere of this planet. The habitat specifies that they would like Earth Station 1 to look in a book, and that they specifically not make up values or intentionally try to sabotague the mission as they have been recorded to twice in the last few days.
9:38 PM 03/04/2011: MC would like to know why we need to know when the atmosphere starts.
9:42 PM 03/04/2011: MC has no idea about the atmospheric makeup of g581 f. They have to be told in a series of small steps exactly how to find the internet drop.
9:44 PM 03/04/2011: MC finally finds the information by making use of the internet drop. Apparently Earth Station 1, when told to look up the values in a book, didn't think to use the internet. When the habitat bridged the absurdly large abstract conceptual gap between looking something up in a book and looking something up on the internet for Earth Station 1, they found the value to be 20 km within less than one minute. The habitat crew wonders where the professors of ES1 got their degrees.
10:06 PM 03/04/2011: Atmosphere detected at 350 km. ES1 roundly cursed aboard the habitat.
10:07 PM 03/04/2011: All camera feeds momentarily fail while Lt. Baltz attempts to fix the airlock feed. The reason is discovered to be that the electrical tape on the master COAX Cable lost much of its adhesiveness due to the humidity aboard the habitat and the signal wire slipped loose.
10:23 PM 03/04/2011: Co-Pilot LeClaire suspects an error with the Acc reading, which is 8.45 with a thrust of 28.5%, a distance of 109 km, and an atmospheric drag of 5.7. CAPCOM LeClaire requests Acc and MC returns a value of 4.35.
10:24 PM 03/04/2011: MC reports a TELEM ERR
10:26 PM 03/04/2011: MC Staff: Ms. McLeod Acting Flight Director, Ms. Benoit ENG, Mr. Ellis EECOM, Ms. Chassin Telemtry, Mr. Beynon LOGS, Director Ramclam CAPCOM. Obervers: Mr. Yang, assisting Mr. Ellis with EECOM, V. Adm Paul, Professor Wong.
10:29 PM 03/04/2011: 95 km and approaching.
10:29 PM 03/04/2011: The crew is informed that Anthony Wong, recently named a Professor of Plumbing, has procured cold water for the habitat without even being asked to for the first time this mission. The crew loves loves loves [extra "loves" by order of habitat commander Martin] Anthony Wong.
10:32 PM 03/04/2011: In preparation for landing, the habitat crew collects helmets.
10:34 PM 03/04/2011: Lt Dunbar states that his VCen is correcting itself due to the atmospheric drag.
10:39 PM 03/04/2011: Still trying to land. 62 km away, no engines, Acc at 8.46 and atmospheric drag at 8.478, fuel at 52,984. Habitat Reactor at 81 and RAD negligible with no RAD Shields on.
10:46 PM 03/04/2011: 18 km from the surface of planet f. 
10:47 PM 03/04/2011: 9 km from the surface of planet f.
10:48 PM 03/04/2011: MC still reading a huge Telemetry Error. Both MC and the Hab elect to fix it after landing.
10:49 PM 03/04/2011: 3.5 km from the surface, 0gs of acceleration.
10:51 PM 03/04/2011: Habitat lands at 1m/s in 10 seconds. Countdown initiated.
10:51 PM 03/04/2011: Habitat landed on planet f.
11:22 PM 03/04/2011: Lt. Baltz attempts to get an airlock feed in preparation for EVAs but fails. Lieutenants LeClaire and Baltz are selected for the EVA. They begin to prepare.
11:32 PM 03/04/2011: MC, knowing that the astros only have 8 minutes of air, suggest that the astros depressurize the airlock with them inside, wait 5 minutes, repressurize, pressurize up to the planet's 141.82 kP, and then proceed on a 3-minute EVA. The astros object.
11:47 PM 03/04/2011: MC, rather than assisting the Habitat, insists on recommending changes to the EVA schedule. The habitat takes ages to inform them that EVA schedules are determined strictly by the habitat considering the safety of the crew.
12:06 AM 03/05/2011: The anomaly is switching between a ccw pro and cw ret orbit. Hab continues to talk to MC about EVAs.
12:25 AM 03/05/2011: EVA talk continued. Now the admiral tells us that we have more than 10 minutes of air!!! After all the planning.
12:37 AM 03/05/2011: ES1 is completely wrong with their data regarding g581f and its atmosphere. We were told it was 141.83 kP; however the admiral confirms that it has no atmosphere. Hab is confused as atmospheric drag was detected 350 Km away from the surface.
1:05 AM 03/05/2011: Lts. LeClaire and Baltz are in the airlock. Commencing scrub.
1:05 AM 03/05/2011: Depressurizing to 0.
1:07 AM 03/05/2011: EECOM believed to be frozen. Hab restarted program and is doing tests to confirm synch. Tests failed. MC and Hab EECOMs are not synched.
1:17 AM 03/05/2011: Lts. LeClaire and Baltz are in the airlock. Scrubbing begins.
1:18 AM 03/05/2011: Depressurizing to 0 begins.
1:19 AM 03/05/2011: Four minute wait begins.
1:23 AM 03/05/2011: Pressurizing to 142 begins.
1:25 AM 03/05/2011: Airlock pressurized to 142.37 kP.
1:26 AM 03/05/2011: Astros depart airlock on EVA.
1:32 AM 03/05/2011: Astros return to airlock.
1:32 AM 03/05/2011: Commencing scrub and depressurization
1:51 AM 03/05/2011: EVA 1 completed, Lieutenants LeClaire and Baltz back aboard the habitat. 
2:23 AM 03/05/2011: MC gives the hab clearance for one more EVA tonight and then to sleep and take night shifts on the planet.
3:31 AM 03/05/2011: Mission Control cannot inform us who the active Flight Director is. When we suggested switching to AUXCOM, they did not know what AUXCOM was.
3:32 AM 03/05/2011: MC CAPCOM confirms that Director McLeod left no one in charge when she exited the room as Acting Flight Director 5-10 minutes ago. MC clearly has no power structure.
3:35 AM 03/05/2011: Ms. McLeod now Acting Flight Director. Habitat explains that they chose not to undergo mutiny procedures for when MC has no clear power structure, but nonetheless commences radio silence for the night and switches to AUXCOM. Habitat Commander still deliberating as to whether or not another EVA is a go for tonight.
3:50 AM 03/05/2011: The habitat requests EVA goals from MC.
3:58 AM 03/05/2011: EVA prep completed. Commander Martin and Lieutenant Dunbar are suited up.
4:38 AM 03/05/2011: Second EVA to repair hotlab leak has commenced. MC is understaffed.
4:46 AM 03/05/2011: Second EVA completed.
4:16 AM 03/05/2011: While depressurizing the airlock in preparation for the second EVA, the hotlab developed a leak, depressurizing it.
4:19 AM 03/05/2011: Astronauts Lt. Dunbar and Cmdr. Martin have exited the airlock.
4:20 AM 03/05/2011: Airlock pressure is stable at 142.37 kilopascals, hotlabis at 3.75 kilopascals and dropping slowly.  The hotbox could possibly have come loose and caused the leak.  EVA Astronauts are requested to get a video of the exterior of the hotlab.
4:26 AM 03/05/2011: Two finger-sized holes in the hotlab are confirmed, EVA Astros are in the airlock.
4:31 AM 03/05/2011: Commencing repressurization of airlock.
4:31 AM 03/05/2011: EVA Astros back in the hab.
4:36 AM 03/05/2011: Second EVA with Cmdr. Martin has begun to fix leak.  Depressurizing interlock to go into hotlab.
4:43 AM 03/05/2011: EVA complete.
4:44 AM 03/05/2011: Cmdr. Martin goes on IVA to fix the holes they detected on EVA
4:48 AM 03/05/2011: Cmdr. Martin returns from IVA to C+C stating that the holes were in fact in the airlock. The airlock pressurizes and Chem levels skyrocket. Insufficient Scrubbing procedures are blamed.
4:53 AM 03/05/2011: Gravaty has increaced to 26 Gs spontaniously, both on EECOM and according to MC. The hab vents the airlock and begins to scrub.
4:56 AM 03/05/2011: The 26 gs are cited as reasoning not to let the hab vent the airlock and scrub the contaminants. MC states that "the gs are more than the engines can put out", which no one on the hab sees as any sort of explanation for not venting a room, or even necessarily true. Lt. Baltz on CAPCOM confronts MC on the spontaneous rise of the gravity of the planet, turns off A-GRAV in defiance, and asks MC why, if they've had A-GRAV off the whole time and were walking around on the surface of the planet, MC trusts a reading of 26 gs. MC responds that they "cannot explain it". Lt. Baltz, now exceedingly irate, informs MC that they cannot trust that value.
5:04 AM 03/05/2011: Airlock scrubbing ceased, airlock pressurized to 1 atm. Values stalbilize as the chemical contaminant appears to be gone.
5:13 AM 03/05/2011: Lt. Melanson spends AGES on the phone explaining to MC what the number above A-GRAV represents.
8:31 AM 03/05/2011: Lieutenants LeClaire and Baltz an Lt. Cmdr Frank in C+C.
8:34 AM 03/05/2011: Lt. Cmdr. Frank discusses the pros and cons of cutting out her and Lt. Melanson's EVA this morning.
8:37 AM 03/05/2011: Lt. Dunbar, who stayed up the whole night and just now went to bed, is considered to have done so in a concerted effort to make Lt. LeClaire have to pilot the whole way home.
8:38 AM 03/05/2011: MC seems confused as to what the habitat power structure is. The habitat declines to suggest that they proceed with mutiny procedures.
8:47 AM 03/05/2011: Habitat requests final decision on whether or not they can take an EVA
8:49 AM 03/05/2011: Permission given for final EVA. Lt. Cmdr. Frank and Lt. Melanson begin EVA prep.
8:50 AM 03/05/2011: All of MC except Mr. Ramclam apparently "passing out from sleep deprivation". The habitat's faith in MC has never been higher.
9:00 AM 03/05/2011: EVA Prep still underway. Lt. Baltz on EECOM and Lt. LeClaire on CAPCOM. Cmdr. Martin sleeping in the middle of C+C. Lt. Dunbar sleeping in the Longhouse. ETA 3 hours to landing on Earth.
9:34 AM 03/05/2011: EVA completed. Astronauts contend their EVA goals were succesful. Mission Control wastes an incredible amount of air pressurizing the hotlab to 120 kPa without informing any of the crew that they will do so, and in the process wastes valuable air for the habitat.
9:36 AM 03/05/2011: Admiral has a flight plan.
Gravity on Gliese f is 19m/s/s
Rough sketch of Mission Control's Flight Plan as designed and simulated by by the admiral and relayed to Lt. Baltz way too early in the morning for him to timestamp or anything:
Depart ref fire 150% till 100-500 Km then MAN go ccw to 45 continuing to fire at 150% to increase vcen towards the anomaly at vcen -7000 coast and set targ and ref as anomaly, dprt ref to cancel vcen, use engines to cancel vtan day 69
at day 73 callisto aims at earth. shortly before we undock
we can get about 200,000 kg of fuel. DM recommends using 1/3 of that on departure
should bring us on a transfer orbit to earth lasting about 50-60 days
should be able to run 1 RAD shield at 2% for1to2hours a day
keep firing at 100%, keep vtan at 0 in apptarg at Earth, look like aimed at sun but will pass Mercury, eventually we'll arrive at  earth with 15kg fuel to spare
11:18 AM 03/05/2011: Lt. Baltz in C+C, takes CAPCOM and LOGS. Lt. LeClaire piloting, Lt. Cmdr. and Acting Habitat Commander Frank ENG and EECOM.
11:32 AM 03/05/2011: launch from planet f at 150%, Reactor temperature at 113
11:33 AM 03/05/2011: qmax reached a few moments ago, 8 km and rising, fuel at 26,000 kg, reactor temperature a whopping 120.
11:35 AM 03/05/2011: Admiral verifies roll at 500 km.
11:36 AM 03/05/2011: Altitude at 508, pilot in MAN and commencing 45 degree ccw roll.
11:37 AM 03/05/2011: Reactor Temperature at 121, still burning at 150% and done ccw roll.
11:39 AM 03/05/2011: Target and Reference set to anomaly, craft set to directly approach the anomaly
11:40 AM 03/05/2011: burn ceased
11:42 AM 03/05/2011: Intermittent burning at 100% towards the anomaly to get a VCen of -5000
11:48 AM 03/05/2011: Approaching the anomaly with a notably negative VCen and an essentially zero VTan. The habitat rapidly approaches the anomaly.
11:53 AM 03/05/2011: MC confirms that we are capable of plowing into the anomaly at this speed with our current values.
11:57 AM 03/05/2011: We plowed through the anomaly even though it grabbed us from 1.5 km away last time. Full thrust opposite direction at 8,000 kg fuel, planning to effectively stop relative to the wormhole.
12:08 PM 03/05/2011: Habitat transits the anomaly, ends up back in orbit around Europa.
12:19 PM 03/05/2011: Habitat, now with 77,000 kg of fuel, heads for AYSE.
12:34 PM 03/05/2011: Closing in on docking with AYSE
12:43 PM 03/05/2011: The Admiral demands that Lt. LeClaire go into Pro Vtarg.
12:47 PM 03/05/2011: Lt. LeClaire disobeys direct orders 
12:49 PM 03/05/2011: Software bug: pressing "o" with ref and targ as AYSE while inside AYSE causes orbit orbit5t to crash.
12:50 PM 03/05/2011: Hab inside AYSE, loading to 200,000 kg of fuel.
12:55 PM 03/05/2011: Burning for Callisto at 15% with ~infinite fuel.
12:57 PM 03/05/2011: With Hab EECOM clearly malfunctioning as values were in the area of 2*10^-3 even when we were passing through the Van Allen Belt and that the hotlab is fully pressurized, the Hab asks MC for information from their EECOm and never recieves anything.
1:03 PM 03/05/2011: MC gives us a value for outside radiation that confirms that our software and theirs are synchronized. They are, however, updating. Both parties assume that EECOM is compromised, but, as the hab exited the Van Allen Belt ages ago, they agree that it no longer really matters.
1:15 PM 03/05/2011: EVERY SINGLE CAMERA FEED TO THE MISSION CONTROL SWITCHABLE TELEVISION SUDDENLY DIES EXCEPT THE JOKE FEED FROM MISSION CONTROL TO ITSELF. NO EXPLANATION IS FORTHCOMING. Those feeds never even meet each other outside of the habitat, and no one has the energy or desire to examine why every single connection suddenly failed.
1:16 PM 03/05/2011: Entire crew except Lt. Melanson awake and in C+C.
1:17 PM 03/05/2011: The crew eagerly awaits the advent of day 73, when Callisto will be headed towards the Earth and we can commence transfer orbit burn.
1:29 PM 03/05/2011: Commencing 100% thrust transfer orbit from Callisto towards the Earth.
1:32 PM 03/05/2011: Decreasing fuel load by cutting non-essential systems; down to 12,300 kg fuel, cancelling Vtan with target as Earth and reference as Callisto. VCen massive, the crew is waiting.
1:36 PM 03/05/2011: Pilot LeClaire believes that it's looking good.
1:42 PM 03/05/2011: Earth is on the opposite side of the sun from all the other planets. We are still approaching the sun.
1:45 PM 03/05/2011: Astros turning A-GRAV on while we're time accelerating to 60 causes piloting catastrophies. The crew argues about whose fault it is.
1:48 PM 03/05/2011: Within 8 million km.
1:53 PM 03/05/2011: Closing on 1.5 million km, down to 15,000 kg of fuel.
2:00 PM 03/05/2011: Closing on 500,000 km. 9,000 kg fuel.
2:04 PM 03/05/2011: Still ensuring a decently low VTan and a decently high VCen.
2:04 PM 03/05/2011: CLosing on 75,000 km. Still have 9,000 kg fuel.
2:05 PM 03/05/2011: Approximately 35,000 km.
2:05 PM 03/05/2011: Closing on 20,000 km.
2:05 PM 03/05/2011: Closing on 1,500 km.
2:06 PM 03/05/2011: 300 km and falling. Bracing for impact.
2:07 PM 03/05/2011: Aerobraking kicks in, firing retrograde full thrust to slow.
2:08 PM 03/05/2011: Admiral confirms we should have gone deeper before retrograde firing.
2:08 PM 03/05/2011: 1,500 km and rising
2:08 PM 03/05/2011: 60,000 km and rising. We bounced off the atmosphere and missed. Firing towards the Earth to Attempt to drift back to the planet and deploy the parachute. We've come too far to die now.
2:11 PM 03/05/2011: Cutting engines at 376 kg and 75,000 km away from Earth.

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