Year-End Barbeque

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Yan, Jen, and Sylvia at the 2007 BBQ.
(CW)Matt, Stefan, Maclean, Cheyenne, Anthony, Nevin at the 2007 BBQ
The Year-End Barbeque is an annual Spacesim event. It is held after final exams, usually in July, and is a

gathering for all Spacesim members and Alumni. As the name implies, this gathering is in the form of a barbeque, with lots of outdoor activity and general fun for everyone. This stems from another Spacesim tradition: the Year-End Party, which was a large party held at one of the Mission Commanders' houses at the end of the year.

The Year-End Barbeques for the years 2004-05 and 2005-06 were held at Mooney's Bay, and were each attended by about 20 Spacesim members. The official cook for these barbeques was Alex Foo. The YEB for 2006-07 was also held at Mooney's Bay, but had no official cook.

Alex, Crystal, and Brian at the 2006 BBQ.