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Holder Names

I don't see any reason why position pages should not include the name of the holder. As Wikimaster, I liked putting them there just so that a new member who wants to understand the hierarchy doesn't have to follow twice as many links to figure out whom to talk to about what. Also, it's nice to record in more than one place information like what positions someone has held. In general, I think that duplication of information on a wiki like this is something that you should strive for. The only downsides I can think of are that it clutters the page, which is silly because it's only one sentence containing information extremely pertinent to the article, and that it will require updating when positions change. With Director positions (which Archivemaster is, see the hierarchy chart tagged on this page) and above, that is only one edit a year; maybe for that reason we should not include the name of the current holder of Sub-Director positions? What do you think, Chen-tao? - Darth Wombat 15:30, 11 September 2010 (EDT)

Isn't it easier not to include them so we don't have to make as many edits the next year? IronyFail in ANAGLYPH 3D! 15:33, 11 September 2010 (EDT)
it's 10 edits once a year, and all the pages that you need to edit will be easy to find just by searching a person's name and changing the information related to them. Shouldn't take more than a minute or two once a year, and I'm sure the current holder of the position will be more than eager to add their name to the page themselves. But again, whatever Chen-tao thinks makes sense is what the policy should be. - Darth Wombat 15:35, 11 September 2010 (EDT)
Fair enough. If we do decide to do this we should make a list of pages we should edit each year to make things easier. IronyFail in ANAGLYPH 3D! 15:38, 11 September 2010 (EDT)
The amount of edits doesn't really matter, we already have to update the emails every year and.. other things... A list of things to update at the beginning of the year would be great. As for the names, either a separate page linked from the main page (oh wait, isn't that the contacts page?) or something on this year's page.. aaand thats actually part of the template. Hurrmadoodle. Sorry about that, this has become pointless. ---Wernstrum, Stargakat, Jonas 11:14, 12 September 2010 (EDT)