Mission Destination Selection (procedures)

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The Mission Destination refers to the main planned survey location(s) of the Habitat's flight during a mission. At least one destination must be selected for each mission.


The mission destination for training missions will be reflected on the mission card, so the timeframe for the choice of training mission destination is the same as that for the selection of training mission.

The mission destination for the annual Main Mission must be chosen by the end of December of the year before the mission will lift-off.


For a given academic year:

Selection Criteria

Mission destinations should be chosen for their ability to conform to the following criteria:

  • Within the Solar System (to reduce mission length and complexity)
  • Present viable science goals
  • Have data available from other space agencies' surveys

Selection Process

Preliminary Proceedings

Mission Destination Commission

  • The Mission Destination Commission will convene at least 3 times
  • The Mission Destination Commission's proceedings are open to all OCESS members
  • The Mission Destination Commission's will produce Mission Destination Reports for no fewer than two viable destinations and no more than three viable destinations within one month of its formation

Mission Destination Reports

Mission Destination Reports will contain:

  • Corroboration of the destination's meeting the selection criteria
  • Original research on the environmental conditions of the destination
  • At least 2 destination-driven experiments
  • A viable beta launch-window within +/- 5 years of the alpha date

Final Selection

  • The Deputy Mission Commander will submit the Mission Destination Reports to the Mission Commander
  • The Mission Commander will recommend no fewer than two Mission Destination Reports within one week of their receipt


  • At a worksession, the Deputy Mission Commander or designate will present the recommended Mission Destination Reports
  • A 30-minute debate will follow with the Deputy Mission Commander as moderator
  • The debate period may be waived with 3/4 majority
  • Following the debate, the Mission Commander will convene a vote


  • All members will close their eyes
  • The Admiral will read the list of proposed mission destinations, and then call for votes on each
  • Members will indicate their vote by raising one hand above their head
  • The Admiral will tally all votes and present the results to the Mission Commander
  • The vote is carried by a simple majority