Instrumentation Failure (emergency procedures)

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General Procedures

These procedures deal with instrumentation failure, replacement, and general problems with instrumentation. The primary goal of all efforts in this area should be to give the Astronauts as complete a picture of their environment as possible, by any means necessary.

Instrumentation Failure

If an instrument is broken or not reading correctly, run diagnostics upon it. If it is software or a control panel, consult with Mission Control, the Mission Commander, or someone knowledgeable in the computer system about how to repair. Generally speaking, someone in MC should know how to replace any broken instrument, and they will all have their own replacement procedure. This will be covered during Astronaut and/or Flight Team Training each year.

Instrument Replacement

If an instrument cannot be repaired, it should be replaced. Find the spare in the Emergency Repair Kit, and attach it where needed in the same form that the original was attached. Consult Mission Control and your Astronaut or Flight Team Training for replacement of parts.