IVA (procedures)

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Intravehicular Activity. An astronaut puts on a self-enclosed environment suit, but instead of leaving the Habitat, uses it inside.

IVA suit preparation

The IVA suit is an EVA suit. Don the EVA suit as outlined in P2.1.2

Moving around the Habitat

When entering or leaving a module, ensure that opening the door will not pose a risk to the other Astronauts. Mission Control will inform you as to whether or not it is safe and what the other astronauts must do to ensure they are safe. Try to limit unnecessary movement to avoid overheating.

IVA activities

If you are performing an IVA, it is due to unforeseen circumstances. There may be loose, live wires. A module may have been depressurized. You may need to enter an area full of high radiation. Follow Mission Control's instructions carefully. Don't worry, your EVA suit should protect you from all hazards. If communication with Mission Control is broken, try to re-establish it as soon as possible.