Hull Breach (emergency procedures)

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3.3.1 Identification of Hull Breaches

Hull breaches may be identified through either visual inspection of the hull or pressure drops in any parts of the Habitat monitored by EECOM. The fundamental principle of hull breaches is that it is better to be safe than sorry: any suspicion whatsoever of a hull breach should be initially treated as a definite atmospheric leak until it is proven otherwise.

3.4.2 Immediate Reaction

Follow P4.1.1.

3.4.3 Hull Breach Sealing

Two astronauts, if possible, must go on an either an IVA or an EVA depending on extenuating circumstances, i.e. if there is some sort of situation in the compromised unit that would endager an astronaut, go on an EVA, if not, go on an IVA (P2.2) as soon as the situation permits. They must take all necessary repair equipment (tools, aluminium or duct tape, spare patching materials, and fastening materials).