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HAL is one of the simulator's greatest assets during a mission. HAL is a cmputer system consisting of two computers. One computer is placed in the Habitat and the other is placed in the Simulator area. It's function is to communicate between the astronauts and the simulators. Usualy the simulators use HAL to inform the astronauts of the nature of the disaster and explain to them what the cause of various problems. HAL can also warn the astronauts of impending disasters. Occasionaly HAL is used to transmit other information to the astronauts such as homework and reminders for various tasks.


To use HAL, simply type a message into the message box. To send a message, press the tab key. It may require several seconds and repeated banging of the tab key to send a message. It is important to remember that HAL may only display one message at a time, and thus it is essential that the astronauts have read your original message before sending out another message.


HAL was named after the sentient computer entity, also known as "hal" from the movie 2001 a Space Oddesy. Since HAL was introduced before the presence of simulators was widely known, the only explanation offered by the administration as to how HAL worked was that it was an sentient computer program; hence it was named HAL.

HAL is due to be expanded to include a readout in both Mission Control and the Longhouse.

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