Dust Storm Incident

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The Dust Storm Incident happened during Red Dawn 2008 to Mars. The astronauts were reduced to three EVA suits when Daisy Wong went on an extended EVA to get her lifeguard recertification. After dust and wind levels increased, astronauts Nevin Hotson and Maclean Rouble went on an EVA, but failed to maintain communication with the Habitat. Anthony Xing, Matthew Farkas-Dyck, and Ben Paul argued about how to retrieve the missing astronauts, a delicate situation considering there was now only one EVA suit in the Habitat at this point and lightning and high wind speeds had been observed on the surface through EECOM. In the end, although he was Lieutenant Commander and should not have risked himself, Anthony went on EVA and brought back both Maclean and Nevin, whose suits had been locked in the dust storm.