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An extended EVA is an EVA that is scheduled to take longer than a normal EVA.

Normally, EVAs should last from fifteen to twenty minutes. An extended EVA lasts longer, and in certain circumstances involves astronauts leaving the simulation parameter to attend to other commitments using the EVA as a beta cover up. Extended EVAs are almost never done, and they are frowned upon as a major breach of Mission Integrity.

Extended EVAs

  • In 2004-05 Stefan De Young and Jonathan Scothorn went on an extended EVA to perform in Senior Music Night, thereby breaking The Golden Rule.
  • In the mission Red Dawn 2008, astronauts Anthony Xing and Matt Farkas-Dyck went on an extended EVA, ostensibly to locate the Viking probe, but in actuality to participate in the AMC 12 math contest. Later during the mission, astronaut Daisy Wong went on an extended EVA in order to participate in the recertification of her life guard status. This second EVA was especially eventful as it deprived the Habitat of the crucial third EVA suit during the dust storm incident. Further, it ended in a spectacular breach of Mission integrity when simulator Ian Goldsmith-Rooney "smuggled" her back on to the Habitat through the non-existent longhouse door, and then announced to the stunned and hallucinating astronauts that there was cake on earth waiting to be had. Thankfully, the cake was not a lie.