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The Bathroom is the room in the Habitat where the chemical toilets are located. The bathroom is impenetrable by meteorites and is considered a safe haven during disasters. It is also the only room in the habitat not monitored by a video feed, and the only room that has lights that cannot be turned off by the Simulators. This is because, in the Beta reality, the lights in this room are so crucial that they are run on an emergency backup generator.

The bathroom in the Hawking II did contain a shower; however the only recorded use of it was by Mission Commander Songyan Cai on Mars 2005. When Ben Paul on the OCESS Facebook account asked him to verify this in 2009-10, his response was "man's gotta keep his hygiene in those 96 hrs!". The shower also doubled as both an "escape pod" and "weapons module" depending on which spacesim member was asked its function. Each astronaut crew was required to test, prior to the Mission, how many of them could fit inside the escape pod at once, in order to determine who would have to be left behind to go down with the ship.

Daedalus Anomaly

Despite the supposedly inviolate nature of the Bathroom, a geyser breached the floor of the Bathroom on the second-last day of Daedalus. Water poured into the module, bringing pressures up to 200kPa inside. The Bathroom was successfully purged of all water using the venting systems. However, only by taking off, and escaping Europa was the steady creep of water into the module halted.

Lyra Evans was found unconscious in the Bathroom after the module had been vented, but before takeoff.

After takeoff, the water sublimated away leaving a cloud of fog around the Habitat that was observed by EVA astronauts, when they checked for wreckage that might impede docking with the AYSE Drive.

The Bathroom was repaired remotely from Mission Control by the Canadarm on AYSE.

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