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These are official logs. You may be looking for [[2013-14 Hibernation Unofficial Logs]]
==The Mission==
==The Mission==
;Mission to : [[Alpha Centauri A]] ([[Placeholder]])
;Mission to : [[Alpha Centauri A]] ([[Placeholder]])

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These are official logs. You may be looking for 2013-14 Hibernation Unofficial Logs

The Mission

Mission to 
Alpha Centauri A (Placeholder)

Day 1

Time Entry
7:45 PM 2014-01-24 The HAB has cold started, we have diverted a slight CO2 rise in the CNC, and all astros have reported for duty.
7:46 PM 2014-01-24 Water levels in the Hot Lab have increased and we are venting the Hot Lab.
7:47 PM 2014-01-24 Biocontaniments have been detected in the bathroom and disappeared.
7:48 PM 2014-01-24 Hot Lab pressure and water levels are rising rapidly. Mission Control has asked to send an astro to find source.
7:50 PM 2014-01-24 Astros have switched feeds to the hotlab, Mr. Billig has been sent to investigate.
7:53 PM 2014-01-24 Nothing has been discovered.
7:55 PM 2014-01-24 The same problem is happening again.
7:56 PM 2014-01-24 Commander Melanson has taken over CAPCOM. He is reasoning with Mission Control over how to diagnose the problem
7:59 PM 2014-01-24 Lt. Billig could not find the problem
8:02 PM 2014-01-24 Under advisory of MC, Spencer has replaced Lt. Billig in trying to find the problem of water levels rising in the hotlab
8:05 PM 2014-01-24 The problem has been identified as an open water bottle. Preparing to launch.
8:14 PM 2014-01-24 Time acceleration requested until HRT is 16 and decreasing.
8:14 PM 2014-01-24 Permission granted.
8:15 PM 2014-01-24 Water scrubbers not working in hot lab, but will not delay launch. Scrubbing CNC.
8:16 PM 2014-01-24 Permission to launch granted.
8:17 PM 2014-01-24 HAB launching. Activating SRB's.
8:18 PM 2014-01-24 Initiating 2 degrees counterclockwise roll.
8:19 PM 2014-01-24 Engines reduced to 60.
8:23 PM 2014-01-24 Injectors somehow were disabled. They have been reenabled.
8:25 PM 2014-01-24 We are not making orbit.
8:27 PM 2014-01-24 We are burning directly up.
8:28 PM 2014-01-24 VCen is -200 and increasing.
8:29 PM 2014-01-24 We are asking what orbit what we should be getting in. They respond 300 km.
8:34 PM 2014-01-24 MECO coasting to apoapsis.
8:35 PM 2014-01-24 MC has recorded HRT of 10.
8:37 PM 2014-01-24 Permission time accelerate into coast until apoapsis.
8:41 PM 2014-01-24 We have lost contact.
8:42 PM 2014-01-24 Lt. Billig has passed out on logs
8:44 PM 2014-01-24 CO2 levels have been at or below nominal levels for a while now
8:45 PM 2014-01-24 Lt. Billig has regained consciousness.
8:48 PM 2014-01-24 MC is not responding to our requests to clarify what "under AYSE" means.
8:49 PM 2014-01-24 MC is not responding to anything.
8:50 PM 2014-01-24 We are asking why we have wind in space by typing.
8:51 PM 2014-01-24 "Under ASYE" means HRT = 0
8:52 PM 2014-01-24 Communication is working, problem was microphone.
8:57 PM 2014-01-24 Mr. Billings has been moved to EECOM, Mr. Whitehead taking over logs
8:58 PM 2014-01-24 MC advises we do not scrub Airlock
9:00 PM 2014-01-24 Commander Melanson had stopped responding for a period of time, he has commenced responding again
9:01 PM 2014-01-24 Airlock pressure continuing to drop
9:02 PM 2014-01-24 Commander Melanson advises we ignore the issue for now
9:02 PM 2014-01-24 Approching HRT = 0
9:03 PM 2014-01-24 Commander Melanson is taking over piloting for the dock with AYSE
9:04 PM 2014-01-24 Lieutenant Kelly to take over logs
9:08 PM 2014-01-24 Lieutenant Whitehead has retaken control of logs
9:10 PM 2014-01-24 Once under AYSE under ayse, halt time acceleration, proceed with standard docking proceedures
9:13 PM 2014-01-24 Commencing time acceleration
9:14 PM 2014-01-24 Burning engines
9:16 PM 2014-01-24 Cutting engines
9:22 PM 2014-01-24 Requesting time acceleration carefully.
9:23 PM 2014-01-24 Time accelerating
9:23 PM 2014-01-24 Mission parameters have changed, simply docking with AYSE is the end goal of the simulation.
9:28 PM 2014-01-24 Getting quite close to AYSE
9:36 PM 2014-01-24 Hab has been rotated, 300 meters and approching to AYSE
9:39 PM 2014-01-24 We are in the process of docking with AYSE
9:40 PM 2014-01-24 Docked with Ayse
9:41 PM 2014-01-24 Beta simulation ended, situation file saved as a2014aa