Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

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The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Spacesim was on June 27th 2013, and multiple ideas for a celebration were thrown around.

Search For Suggestions

  • A forum thread, started by Ben Paul, discusses the various possibilities for a 25th anniversary celebration
  • The Oce Spacesim account on Facebook has posted a status asking alumni for their suggestions
  • The celebration should be a topic of discussion at lunch meetings

Suggestions Thus Far

  • Ben Paul suggested a big reunion of some sort
  • Patrick Melanson suggested a barbecue in Ottawa to which all alumni are invited, possible locations include Mooney's bay and his house
  • A tour of the facilities has been proposed, perhaps with a training mission to showcase the state of the simulation and skills of the current members


Spacesim should expect to attract at least 100 people to the event (at least 5 people per year, on average)