The Hand

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The Hand, as it appeared in April 2007

This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

The Hand is a drawing of a hand created by Val Sirbu. It was drawn on the chalkboard near the storage rooms. It is said to have been drawn around 2003-04, according to Doctor Magwood. It was well drawn with a considerable amount of detail.

The Grave of the Hand, drawn by Clayton Nguyen.

Death of a Hand

The Hand was erased and redrawn several times, but one fateful day in November 2007, it was accidentally erased by Daisy Wong. Two separate attempts were made to redraw The Hand, but in the end, it was time to let it go. A grave was drawn and erased, and in its place was drawn The Grave of the Grave of the Hand. This was also erased. Eventually, those concerned gave up and stopped caring. The Hand is now gone forever, except for in the hearts and minds of Spacesim members and the inexhaustible memory of the wiki.


The Hand currently has a desktop wallpaper dedicated to it. It depicts The Grave of the Hand, expertly rendered in MSPaint in clip art style by Clayton Nguyen.