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Year [[{{{year}}}]]
Mission Destination TBD
Mission Dates TBD
Habitat Commander N/A
Subcommander N/A
Mission Control Commander N/A
Simulator Commander N/A

The other astronauts should be stated in the article, with whatever positions they have:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Medic
  • Pilot
  • Payload Specialist associated with Experiment_Name
  • Able Seaman

Table Variables are:

  • missionpatch - the year's mission patch
  • name - this doesn't need to be specified
  • year - year of the mission
  • destination - mission destination
  • dates - dates the mission took place. Note: Don't put launch date, but rather put the expected launch date if the mission launched late
  • habcom - Habitat Commander, also known as Astronaut Commander
  • subcom - Deputy Habitat Commander
  • mccom - Commander of Mission Control
  • simcom - Simulator Commander
  • crew - the direct path to the picture of the astronaut crew; do not enclose in [[Image:]] tags