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Crucial missing info

I made this page because I was very worried, when I saw that the pages for the last few missions barely exist, that if we didn't make a page quickly then we might never have good information on this mission. However, I barely know anything about this mission, so I stuck in whatever I could scrounge up from the various papers strewn about MC on the mission's final day (when every current member and recent alumn was asleep). Unfortunately that means that critical information is missing -- I didn't know who the overall Mission Control Commander is (and it looks like they don't have a wiki page), I wasn't able to fully confirm the identity of the Sim Commander, I didn't know the full names of any astros who don't have wiki pages, I didn't see anything that happened on the mission from Tuesday morning through Thursday afternoon, and I won't be around for the sample analysis so I'm missing a lot of context and conclusions there. So I strongly encourage current members to chip in here and fill in the massive gaps, and I hope that current members and recent alumni will do the same for the 2015-2017 mission pages that currently have nearly zero info on them! --Darth Wombat (talk) 16:35, 25 February 2018 (EST)