Rolitics and Peligion

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

Rolitics and Peligion is a poorly veiled code phrase for "politics and religion," generally invoked when idle discussion gets into controversial or otherwise divisive subject matter.


In 2015-16, Jonah Hamer-Wilson and the unnamed simulator were working on the surface with Hannah Delion, the External Affairs Officer at the time, and engaging in conversation. When the conversation turned to more combative topics, Hannah would attempt to discourage conversation; when that failed, she outright banned the discussion of religion. In blatant disregard for authority and yet a care for technicalities, the unnamed simulator immediately brought up politics as the next most contentious topic. When Hannah banned that as well, further shenanigans were enabled by simply switching the first letter of "politics" with that of "religion." Though any meaningful discussion had ceased by the time religion was banned, jests continued under the new banner to further aggravate the External Affairs Officer. While subjective, it should be noted that Hamer-Wilson was perfectly peaceful and respectful in his discussion of sensitive topics, while the unnamed simulator started out somewhat inflammatory and only continued to ramp it up as Hannah tried to end the conversation.

Evolution of Usage

The use of this clever smokescreen allowed members to discuss the banned topics not only in ear shot of their superiors, but directly in front of them. With authority none the wiser*, the bans on topics of conversation became increasingly lax and soon politics and religion specifically were discussed openly once more. After that point, bringing up rolitics and peligion was usually a response to an attempt to end conversation, or a precursor to a potential attempt when talk turned towards problematic content. Rolitics and peligion remained unbanned topics until politics and religion were officially unbanned, despite the ban's lack of enforcement, by the unnamed simulator in 2017.

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