Rendezvous with AYSE Drive Procedures

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Jump to: navigation, search Rendezvous with AYSE Drive Unit
  1. Go to P1.5.11 to ensure that the habitat drive system is nominally functional.
  2. Select Status: TARGET (toggle TAB key)
    • Choose Target as the current planet you are orbiting (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  3. Select Status: REFERENCE (toggle TAB key)
    • choose Reference for orbital maneuvers as current planet (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  4. Select Status: CENTRE (toggle TAB key)
    • choose centre view point as the current planet (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  5. Magnify image (+ - keys) to see the current planet clearly
  6. Press F2 for automatic ccw orbit ref orientation.
  7. If SHUTTLE undocking has just been completed, hold further steps until ground control confirms that the shuttle has completed the de-orbit burn. Keep Status set to CENTRE at all times to avoid inadvertent redirecting of the AYSE drive.
  8. Apply 3 m/s/s thrust for the required time (consult mission control)
  9. D to targ value should stop increasing at near the correct altitude for rendezvous.
  10. Apply 2-5 m/s/s thrust until Vo ref equals Vhab-ref.
  11. Toggle F5 to bring up the AYSE docking systems control panel.
  12. Activate the AYSE DOCKING process.
  13. Wait until docking is complete and Auto Docking indicator shows GREEN.
  14. Lock and Disarm the AYSE docking latches.