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A Google Street View capture of the Quickie

A Quickie Run is when Spacesim members at 440 Albert put on flight suits and run across Albert Street to the Quickie convenience store, narrowly dodging buses and disturbed motorists. An OC Transpo bus station in front of the Quickie is usually home to some migrating citizens who find Spacesim members weird. At the Quickie dinner, snacks, and drinks are bought and then consumed at 440. Lately, Spacesim members have been buying large tubs of ice cream to eat, with an "ice-cream pool" taking over or augmenting the "pizza pool" and "pop pool".

Famous Purchases

Famously, Stefan De Young would purchase a combo deal of two two-litre bottles of RC Cola and chug all four litres within the confines of one worksession. This combo deal is the origin of the pop-pool phenomenon, as well as a wealth of other members who consume copious levels of soda every week. This practice was begun again by Max Jeffcott upon discovering a 2/$2 deal for RC Cola.

More recently, Peter Macdonald almost choked when chugging gingerale and root beer.

Plans to storm the Quickie

Another purchase that has long been popular in Spacesim is a packaged instant soup called Kimchi. It is best to purchase this at the same time as Lyra Evans because she will give you her Kimchi powder package for free.

Plans to Storm the Quickie

There is a copy of carefully drawn tactical plan, involving combined arms raid on the Quickie, utilizing various weapons and gadgets. This plan can be found in the Sim Office, and it demonstrates the tremendous strategic value of the Quickie to OCESS.