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Quickie Done Quick (QDQ) is an informal competition involving rapidly purchasing snack foods and other convenience store items from the Quickie. In short (rules below), money has to get from somebody in W027 to the quickie, be used to buy an item, and that item must get back to the person in W027.


The following is copied from a Discord post.

A "purchaser" within room W027 (as in fully within the room) must provide for conveyance, or themselves convey, a payment in Canadian cash, which they must be physically touching at the beginning of timing, which must be physically conveyed from fully within room W027 to the Quickie across the street from 440. The purchaser must also select, before the competition, which item they wish to purchase, and, if the purchaser is not the same person physically selecting the purchaser's desired item in the store, this information must not be known to the person in the store beforehand. Unlike payment, this information is not required to be conveyed physically (use of a telecommunications system is permitted). The item must be purchased legitimately from the Quickie, using the same physical cash which the purchaser provided (no shoplifting to save time, and no "paying back later"). The purchased item must then be conveyed back to room W027, and, if the purchaser has remained there, to the purchaser. Timing begins when any of the following conditions are met; the purchaser fully or partially leaves room W027, the purchaser provides any information about the item they wish to purchase to anybody else, or the purchaser ceases to physically touch the cash. Timing ends when the purchaser physically touches the purchased item fully within room W027. Times not meeting these rules are disqualified.


Times are saved to the centisecond, in order of date, whenever the old record is beaten.

QDQ Times
Time (MM:SS.SS) People Date Description
1:50.52 Ethan Feb 19 2020 A box of Kraft Dinner was purchased on a single-person run. A choke was encountered with another customer at the counter. "Would you like a bag skip" used, cash prepared beforehand. Needs further optimization, especially of doors.