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This is an OCESS Wiki organizational article.

Do not edit unless you are a wikimaster or alumnus.

The Quality Scale is a wiki organizational idea designed by Ben Paul during the summer of 2010 and implemented by him in September of 2010 with help from Webmaster Chen-tao LaRochelle and other wiki users. The Quality Scale seeks to emulate the efficient quality system of major wikis such as Wikipedia, but with a colloquial naming system that represents Spacesim's union of hard work and fun.

There are three levels of the Quality Scale: Rubbish, Meh, and Awesome.

Rubbish articles are poorly written or formatted, have numerous spelling, grammar or factual errors, first-person writing, etc. They have more priority than other articles and should be cleaned up first. "Rubbish" articles must be ameliorated to maintain Spacesim's high levels of professionalism.

Meh articles are good articles, but not quite perfect. Articles that are constantly being updated fall into this category. They may be well-written, but as their information is in a state of flux, they belong in the "Meh" category. They should have no errors. Ideally, the majority of wiki articles will be "Meh"-level.

Awesome articles are articles that have been discussed in detail and found to be completely factual, well-written, and most importantly, they should be applicable in five years' time with little to no additional editing. Awesome articles should mainly be about events that have happened in the past and that have been completely investigated. They have no priority at all for future editing, being practically perfect.