Proposal for Greater Alumni Engagement

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The Proposal for Greater Alumni Engagement was a proposal created in late May and early June of 2020. It is one part of the multi-faceted OCESS RTA Project. It seeks to reunite OCESS alumni with the club, allow them a greater sense of responsibility within the club, and encourage connections between alumni and members.


  • Many OCESS alumni keep in touch using the club Facebook page, which is currently unmanaged. While I currently have the free time to conference with alumni on this medium, it should be a responsbility of the Wikimaster, Director of Archives or other delegate position.
  • Alumni should be encouraged to join the club's main social media, which are currently the Discord and Google Classroom. This way, more members can speak with them. This worked well on the Slack, but few alumni moved to Discord after it was discontinued.
  • Alumni should also be encouraged to suggest and apply for delegate positions in the Parliament, and a greater emphasis placed on having discussions online so that they can participate. (Note that priority of responsibility should always be given to members, but multiple people can co-delegate as a single position. This could also lead to friendships and valuable partnerships between likeminded members/alumni.)
  • Older or rarely-seen alumni can be reached out to by others, possibly through an announcement through the Lisgar Alumni Association. Even further than that, an attempt may be made to re-establish contact with early OBESS or ISSS members. (Cyberstalking is unacceptable, contacting should be done in a non-invasive, friendly manner with a clearly stated objective of bringing alumni back to OCESS)
  • More summer events should be held, so that alumni living out of Ottawa for university can re-unite with the club. SARP already does this, but more such events should be held. Also, they're fun! Who's going to complain about more fun summer events?
  • 'Alumni missions' like that held at the 2018 reunion should be more common. Alumni often want to relive the good old days, and giving them a chance to return to their old positions would be really nice. This would be especially nice for former Astros, who don't get a chance to help with their old position after graduation.
  • Ottawa-based alumni should be given more opportunities to participate in worksessions. They can be given positions helping taskforces, training new members, and generally participating. They can also participate in in-person parliamentary discussion, whether or not they hold a position.