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Pressurization is the adding of gases to rooms of the Habitat, effected through EECOM. It is necessary to maintain a stable atmosphere, especially when the atmosphere of a room is being lost through some means. Decompression is the opposite of pressurization.


The pressurization of a room is usually done by the astronauts of the mission. However, it can occur as a disaster. Examples include

  • rupturing or leakage of pipes carrying gases
  • a fire. This will be evidenced by a fire indicator in EECOM, as well as O2 levels decreasing and CO2 rising
  • chemical reactions occurring to produce these gases. In this case, EECOM will most likely show increased levels of chemical contaminants


Common procedure for dealing with sudden or rapid pressurization is to vent the room, if there are no astronauts inside, or venting would cause some other serious damage. When deciding what to do, keep in mind that it is usually best to leave things as they already are, unless doing so would cause more harm.