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The Power Coupling is in the foreground.
The power coupling was a piece of yellow foam attached to the exterior of the Habitat. It represented a power coupling for the hab's electronics systems. When the Habitat suffered an electronics failure, a simulator would remove the power coupling from its bracket. When replaced, the power would be restored to the habitat. This gave the astronauts something that they had to physically fix in the event of a disaster.


The addition of a completely new engine room, as well as the construction of a new engine mount for the habitat was proposed in 2005-06. Both proposals would replace the power coupling with a more intricate and realistic system. However, both proposals never got beyond the planning/scrounging stage, as they are impractical with current resources.

An alumnus-proposed solution is to wire-up propulsion control units within the habitat that are linked to existing simulator software. When damaged, the astronauts could open up such boxes, repair the wiring, and register an instant improvement based on computer readouts. This is both easier on the simulators, and also more realistic for the astronauts.


The power coupling was dismantled following the 2005-06 Mission Prometheus. The power coupling did not exemplify a good simulation, as it was not worked in to the systems such that removing or replacing it would cause any immediate and noticeable change. The simulators would be forced to wait for the astronauts to return to the Habitat to be able to check to see if the power coupling had been reassembled correctly and restore power.

After being exposed to such an improbable and altogether useless piece of simulation technology, it has been decided that new additions to the Habitat must be integrated into the monitoring software used by Mission Control and the astronauts so that any change/fluctuation is immediately noticeable and the simulation is preserved.

Because of the poor quality of this simulation, the power coupling was added to the 2005-2006 Blame List.

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