Pizza Run

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Becca Kalinger, Christian Angel, Nick Goddard, Chen-tao LaRochelle, and Alex Mendes at the 1-for-1 Pizza during a completely PizzaRun-unrelated outing.

This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

The pizza run has been an intermittent staple of Spacesim's weekly worksession routine originally established by the F4 circa February 2006. A typical pizza run involves a number of members, usually two to four, petitioning everybody to purchase slices of pizza (the traditional choices being cheese and pepperoni). They collect the costs before leaving, charging (as of early 2010) $1.50 for each slice. They then purchase a number of large pizzas at 1-for-1 Pizza, on the corner of Bank and Lisgar, and bring them back to 440 Albert at approximately 7 PM. The last pizza run was in January of 2010, when an increase in prices made the pizza run in its existing format too costly.