Patrick's Proposal to Streamline Meetings

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As a veteran of many spacesim meetings gone horribly wrong, especially meetings at worksessions, I think some sort of organizational system for streamlining the spacesim meetings would be in order. Hence, Patrick’s proposal to streamline meetings.

Reasons needed

Especially at worksessions, meetings have a tendency to derail and fall into a pattern of the people on the mezzanine trying to regain control of the meeting, and the people in MC making hilarious interjections. While this may contribute somewhat to the culture of spacesim when in moderation, it usually devolves to the point where the meeting must be ended early because no progress is being made. The only methods of controlling these outbursts are “HANDS ON TOP”, “SHUT UP”, “EVERYONE”, “BE QUIET”, “EVERYONE BE QUIET” and “SHE’S SPEAKING”. This is inefficient, and each comeback loses its ability to quiet people every time it is used. The random interjections may be as a result of the informality of spacesim meetings.

How this proposal will affect meetings

The set of rules will bring a definite structure to spacesim meetings. This will help maintain order, and help ‘disciplinary measures’ to be enforced, if that is ever to be implemented. These rules will give an orderly path for the meeting to follow, and any questions, comments, concerns or insults will have their time and place, as decided by members at the meeting. As a result, there will be less reason for any members to interject (there was no reason, now there is even less) into the conversation.

Rules of Procedure

  • The People in the the Sim Loft decide what to talk about, who is out of order, and when questions are permitted. They have the the second-last say on everything, and are above all rules, School Board regulations excepted.
  • When the the Sim Loft People decide that someone is out of order (at their discretion), that person receives an infraction. Three infractions will place that person on the the default task force, or any other disciplinary action that the the Sim Loft People decide.
  • The Admiral has the the final word, the the final judgement, and no rules apply to him. At all.
  • If these rules cannot be followed and the the meeting devolves into a shouting match, one person, chosen by the the Sim Loft People, in MC shall be assigned to the the default task force, or be submitted to other disciplinary actions, in addition to all those that the the chair deems have been out of order.