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Patches are used within OCESS to signify rank, role, and mission experience.

Types of Patches

Mission Patches

The 2006 Mission Patch for Prometheus.

Mission patches, occasionally referred to as Mission Badges, are the identifying symbol of the Mission, and follow in the tradition of other space missions. OCESS mission patches are designed by members and usually made into embroidered (or other material) patches that can be sewn or ironed onto the flightsuits of OCESS members involved in that year's mission.

Copies of each year's mission patch are kept in a glass case in the office, though several patches are missing, as they were never created. The organizational difficulty in commissioning an artist to design the patch, and getting club members to sign off on the design quickly enough to have the patch finalized before the mission is not to be underestimated, and numerous club leaders have failed at this task.

In 2009-10, Ben Paul suggested that, with alumni consent, mission patches should be created for all years lacking them. Stefan De Young immediately approved of the idea, and developed a patch for Mars 2005. That patch has not yet been finalized. No other "retcon" patches have been proposed to date.

Rank Patches

The Mission Commander wears the Command Patch, shown below, on the left. The Subcommander wears a gold, winged pin that bears the words 'Mission Commander'. They may wear these patches year round, not just for the duration of the mission.

Role Patches

The pilot wears the Pilot Patch, shown below, on the right. Like the command patches, he or she may wear the patch all year, not just for the duration of the mission.

Commandpatch.jpg Pilotpatch.jpg

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