Orbital Insertion from Approach Procedures

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Orbital Insertion from Approach

  1. Press “v” to display target approach velocity vector on the main display.
  2. Select Status: REFERENCE (toggle Tab key)
    • choose Reference object to the same as TARGET for orbital maneuvers (press appropriate key from Table 1.5.A)
  3. Select Status: CENTRE (toggle Tab key)
    • choose target as centre view point object (press appropriate key from Table 1.5.A)
  4. Adjust the approach velocity vector to approach the target slightly to the right side (for a ccw orbit).
    1. Press F1 for manual orientation.
    2. rotate the orientation of the AYSE drive to alter the approach velocity vector.
    3. manually re-orient the AYSE drive in the opposite direction to stabilize the approach velocity vector.
  5. The A to targ value will now read a bit low and will become more inaccurate the closer you get to the target since you are no longer moving directly towards it.
  6. Your goal is adjust thrust to slow the Vhab-ref to the Vo ref velocity by the time your approach velocity vector is perpendicular to the direction to the target. When this is achieved:
    1. stop the engine (Backspace key)
    2. You are now in orbit.
  7. Ensure that the Reference object is the same as the target.
  8. Press F2 for automatic orbit ref orientation.