ORBIT Program Database

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The ORBIT Program Database is a listing of the keys which must be pressed within the ORBIT Software to select a particular celestial body. These keys constantly change depending on what moons or other objects are needed.

0 Sun
1 Mercury
2 Venus
3 Earth
4 Mars
5 Jupiter
6 Saturn
7 Uranus
8 Neptune
9 Pluto
 : Moon
 ; Phobos
< Deimos
= Io
> Europa
 ? Ganymede
@ Callisto
A Tethys
B Dione
C Rhea
D Titan
E Iapatus
F Ariel
G Umbriel
H Titania
I Oberon
J Triton
K Charon
L Habitat
M Ida
N Dactyl
O Vesta