Nicely Done, Lyra

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The famous sign

This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

The Nicely Done, Lyra sign was created during Mission Daedalus by acting Flight Director Ben Paul. It was written on a white 8*11 paper in the Spacesim Office, and addressed astronaut Lyra Evans. It was created when Lyra made a particularly funny joke about astronaut Euan Wheaton, and held up to the webcam so that those in the habitat could see it. After that, whenever Lyra would do something particularly noteworthy, either positive or negative, someone would hold up the sign. The original sign is currently in the possession of Ben Paul.

Uses During Daedalus

Original Use

The original use followed a conversation between Lyra Evans and acting CAPCOM Samuel Baltz. Preceding the conversation Mission Control was certain that it had heard Lyra Evans ending her sentences with "over" while talking to Euan Wheaton, and wanted to make sure that she hadn't been trying to talk to MC.

Director Baltz: "Lt. Evans, are you talking to us? Over."

Lt. Evans: "No, I was talking to Euan."

Director Baltz: "Then why were you ending your sentences with 'over'? Over."

Lt. Evans: "Because I was talking to Euan. It's like talking to someone a million miles away."

At this point Ben Paul wrote the sign and held it up to the camera. Since the webcams being used for CAPCOM were not set to high resolution, Lt. Evans put a confused look on her face as all she could see was a seemingly blank piece of paper. At that point in time, Arrian Amir-Rafiei took the piece of paper from Ben Paul and pulled a sharpie marker out of his pocket. After thickening the letters, Arrian Amir-Rafiei handed the piece of paper back to Ben Paul. Ben Paul again held the piece of paper up to the webcam, and this caused everyone in MC and the habitat to laugh.

Subsequent Uses

  • When Lyra overpressurized the airlock the next hour with EECOM, the sign was held up for Maclean Rouble as co-pilot and CAPCOM.
  • "Nicely Done, ____" has become a phrase used either to express disgust, praise, or amusement.
  • "Nicely Dunbar" has been used several times in reference to Matthew Dunbar, most notably when receiving a chocolate bar "award" for his superb piloting on Dragan 2011.