Mission Control Telemetry Certification

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Mission Control Telemetry Certification

Mission Control Telemetry Certification Test

Please fill out your last and first name (in that order)

___________________ , ___________________

Total marks ( /26 K) ( /6 APP) BONUS 10 APP marks

A member of Mission Control must get more than 80% on the knowledge

part, and more than 80% on the application. A person wishing to go

on to the hab piloting test must get 90% knowledge, 100% application,

and 5 of the 10 bonus questions (DO NOT under ANY condition try to fill

out any other then the FIRST bonus questions, they are a joke and a

waste of your time, and you will NOT be marked for completing them)

Note -- You MUST take this test before taking the hab piloting test,

unless you were "grandfathered" in by being a pilot or co-pilot on

an official mission.

Section 1 - key functions ( /9 K)

1. What key puts the hab at full thrust?

A) Backspace

B) F

C) ~

D) Enter

2. What turns off all engines?

A) A

B) Backspace

C) O

D) 1

3. Name the functions of these keys

o ____________________

1 (num pad)___________

3 (num pad)___________

7 (num pad)___________

9 (num pad)___________

Arrow keys____________________

4. What is the key to center on the hab?

A) Shift + p

B) Shift + L

C) Shift + G

	D) l

Section 2 - Navmodes ( /17 K)

1. Name the keys for the following Navmodes

Manual ______







2. Name the functions of the following navmodes

CCW PROG ______________________________

CW RETGR ______________________________

PROVTARG ______________________________

REGROVTARG ______________________________

3. To travel towards your target you want to press

A) F1

B) F2

C) F3

D) F4

4. To travel away from your reference you want to press

A) F3

B) F4

C) F5

D) F7

Section 3 - Simulations ( /16 APP)

1. List procedures for launch to orbit ( /6 APP)


1. You have 2000 KG of fuel, and are landing on a planet with an

atmosphere slightly denser then earth's. You need to land, as it would

be impossible to go into an orbit without running out of fuel. You are

currently 1000 KM above the planet, with a vcen of 100. what would be

the best procedures for landing (Bonus, but if answered /10 APP)

2. What is the airspeed velocity of a unladen swallow? (Bonus)

3. What turns on all Eglins?

A) Lyra Evans

B) Furries

C) Ian Martian

D) All of the above