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Mission Control LOGS, MC LOGS, or just LOGS, is a Mission Control position. LOGS is a member of Mission Control Staff.

Duties and Procedures

Main article: MC-LOGS Procedures

LOGS is charged with recording all material of substance regarding the Mission with timestamps. Such interesting material includes launch, engine burn, requests for permissions from the Habitat, permissions granted by Mission Control, etc.

LOGS is also charged with reminding the Flight Director to periodically recheck, in full, the status of his Mission Control and of the Habitat's workers and status.

Unofficial Logs

It is also the job of LOGS to record unofficial occurrences in the Unofficial Logs.

Other Duties

LOGS can be required to monitor the Power Grid in addition to her LOGS duties, in accordance with Mission Control Staffing Procedures.

Although this is not part of the LOGS job description, it is anticipated that LOGS may run BIOCOM in addition to LOGS as BIOCOM does not require constant attention and is proposed to be run on the same computer as the logs.

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