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This is an OCESS Wiki organizational article.

Do not edit unless you are a wikimaster or alumnus.

This is the wiki's standards for member pages and user pages.

The Differences Between Member Pages and User Pages

Member Pages are articles, and should be written in third-person, with neutral point-of-view. A little exaggeration is generally okay, as Spacesim members have gigantic egos. User Pages, on the other hand, can have anything on them in any format, as long as there are no racist, sexist, speciest, or other chauvinistic themes. Please keep sexual content or other offensive stuff to a minimum. Yes, this is censorship: Spacesim has a professional image to keep.


Please edit only the article about you, unless the person has given you permission or the information is contained in another article. Especially, DO NOT UPLOAD PHOTOS OF PEOPLE AND INCLUDE THEM ON THEIR CORRESPONDING MEMBER PAGE. Please gain permission before identifying anybody in uploaded photos. Member pages should use the {{member}} tag, or {{alumnus}} for alumni. User pages are completely off limits: you are not allowed to even correct typos. User pages are intended for personal expression. If you see something that you would like changed on a member page, you can mention it on the user's talk page.


Feel free to have up to two photos on your member page, but please try to have at least one of them Spacesim-related. You may have only one other picture on your user page. As above, please do not include any images that could be construed as offensive.


Example Member is a fictitious member of Spacesim whose member page demonstrates many best practices. Her talk page is an exemplar in full for what to put on member pages.