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The Logo (pictured at the top of the left sidebar) was changed in 2001-02, to give OCESS a more professional image.

A logo design competition was held, and Ross Green's design was selected. Alex Ghosh did the computer art for the logo, producing both a black background and a white background version.

The logo is a registered copyright with the government of Canada held exclusively by Ross Green and is used by OCESS with his permission. This was done so that should there ever be any trouble with the OCDSB and Spacesim be evicted, the logo could go with them, and not to the Board, as determined by Ross.

The logo was registered on February 27, 2002, though first publication was September 30, 2001. The logo has registration number 1001111, which gives it the appearance of being in binary, a strange coincidence considering Spacesim's use of technology.

The former logo, as seen on the old website, was used for many years.

Spacesim's former logo