List of Mutinies

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

This article contains a list of historical mutinies at OCESS as defined in Mutiny and Hijacking (emergency procedures). This includes both mutinies aboard the Habitat and hostile takeovers of Mission Control.

Silver Seas 2018 Mass Drowsiness Crisis

Shortly before 6:00 am on February 24, 2018, during the final day of Silver Seas 2018, all 5 Mission Control staffers, many other assorted members, and some vice admirals all fell asleep at the same time in or near Mission Control. The only remaining wakeful person, Vice Admiral Samuel Baltz, quietly initiated a mutiny in MC by unilaterally seizing every MC position and commencing standard CAPCOM communications with the Habitat. This episode resulted in the mission control official logs doubling in length, the initiation of a Silver Seas 2018 blame list, and formal court martial procedures initiated by Vice Admiral Baltz against everybody present for allowing him to seize full control of OCESS so easily.