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1.5.9 Landing Procedure

  1. Select Status: TARGET (toggle Tab key)
    • Choose Target as the current planet (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  2. Select Status: REFERENCE (toggle Tab key)
    • choose Reference for orbital maneuvers as current planet (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  3. Select Status: CENTRE (toggle Tab key)
    • choose centre view point as the current planet (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  4. Magnify image (+ - keys) to see the current planet clearly
  5. Toggle F5 to bring up the AYSE docking systems control panel.
  6. Arm and Unlock the AYSE docking latches.
  7. Activate the AYSE UNDOCKING process.
  8. Wait until undocking is complete and the Auto Docking status shows RED.
  9. Set Thermal Control Measures to OFF.
  10. Press 'v' key to activate the approach velocity vector if not done already.
  11. Fire the reverse engine (use a low thrust setting (-1 to -5 m/s/s) until the approach velocity vector points directly towards the centre of the target.
  12. Press F4 for automatic depart from target orientation.
  13. Press F1 for manual orientation.
  14. Increase thrust (regular thrust (positive) not reverse thrust) using ']' key until the A to targ matches the engine thrust.
  15. Increase engine thrust to slow Vhab-ref speed to something appropriate (a value of about 10% of the distance value (D to targ) may work).
  16. Reduce thrust to match A to targ value.
  17. If the landing is taking too long, adjust thrust to increase Vhab-ref, but this make it harder to stop.
    • If A-targ value exceed 50 m/s/s then:
      • @ Low Altitude: maintain maximum thrust and brace for hard landing
      • @ High Altitude: Initiate P1.5.13
  18. If the approach velocity vector starts to point away from the centre of the target, rotate the AYSE Drive slightly in the opposite direction to correct it then re-adjust the orientation to stabilize the approach velocity vector.
  19. As you get closer to the target, gravity will increase the A to targ value and you must increase thrust to match it.
  20. As you get closer to the planet, use increased thrust to slow down and readjust thrust to match A to targ.
  21. When distance reads 0.00, stop engine.