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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.


Hab gnomes are cryptids who reputedly inhabit the Habitat. Though there is no actual proof of the existence of these creatures, astronauts have reported many sightings of such creatures and blame them for any mishaps and malfunctions that occur in the hab during a mission. Efforts to study the hab gnome have been made by numerous cryptozoologists, though their data has been inconclusive.

Historical Appearances

Hab gnomes were more prevalent on the Hawking than on later ships. On that ship, they were known to steal socks. The gnomes were first discovered when one died in the mouth of a sleeping Astronaut.

During the preparation for the first mission Daedalus, David Owen captured what was believed at the time to be a Hab Gnome, but was later confirmed to be a typical specimen of mus musculus.


Some poeple believe that the hab gnomes are actually the result of a conspiracy plot orchestrated by the Mission Commanders. Such conspiracy theorists cite the movement of people and other materials such as food stuffs into the back door of Mission Control as proof that such a conspiracy exists. The administration has refused to comment on the topic.


Once rumours of Hab Gnomes began to develop, the simulators began being blamed for Hab Gnome activity. They have since adopted the guise of the 'Hab Gnome' as an internal joke and an easy way for them to justify any problems occuring during the mission. As such, the original Hab Gnome incidents are no longer as well known to Spacesim members, and instead Hab Gnome is thought to be synonymous to Simulator.