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The Junkyard was the location under the Simulator Staircase at the old 440 Albert room. This has long been considered a home for old monitors, computers and other stuff that Sim members cannot find uses for, but yet cannot bear to throw away. At the start of the year 2005-06, members of Spacesim located the Sim archives hidden in the Junkyard, as well as the remains of Robbie the robot.

The Junkyard holds great historical value for the simulators, as it is where their tools of the trade were stored. This is due mainly to the Junkyard's close proximity to the simulator area, and their natural laziness. There were plans to reorganize the area into a functional storage area for surplus computers and other hardware, but due to the moving of facilities, they never went through.


In the past, this region was referred to as the Graveyard. It is currently unknown when the name shifted.


In the year 2007-08, the various monitors and computers stored in the junkyard were tested. The ones that work went back into the graveyard, and the malfunctioning ones (plus any Macs, because they cannot run the software Spacesim uses) went to Mission Control near the wall with the chalkboards. The working ones would be used if replacements were ever required.