Immortal Space Pirate

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

Lianna Teeter is the Immortal Space Pirate, shown here practicing her martial prowess.
The Immortal Space Pirate incident occurred on the 2006-07 revenge mission when honorary member Lianna Teeter stowed away aboard the Habitat and added much to the havoc already occurring.

Kill Count

Lianna's kill count is unknown, but she claims to have ended both acting-cosmonaut James Cooper and acting space-ghost Cheyenne Carty as well as several others. Unfortunately, the medallion that seems to grant her immortality seems to have had a diminished effect on other passengers of the Habitat, reviving them from fatal injuries. This has put a large dent in any kill claims that Lianna might make. She also adds evidence to the rumors that Commander Stefan De Young is at least partially blind, due to the fact that, after almost stepping on her feet, and looking straight at her weapons stockpile, he pronounced the habitat clear of weapons. She can now be found drifting in space, unable to die, the last survivor of the deadman's switch that the late acting-cosmonaut James Cooper set off after his return from the dead, and subsequent re-killing.

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