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The Habitat's self-contained laboratory. It is used to perform experiments that would possibly pose a risk to the safety of the astronauts if they were performed in the open due to contaminants.


The astronaut performing the experiment will wear suitable protective equipment (gloves, goggles) as prudent.

Experiment Procedure

Experiments may be performed using the procedure outlined in P2.3, with added precautions taken to minimize the possibility of a hazardous material being spilled. Environmental conditions in the Hotlab should be constantly examined to reveal the effects, if any, of the materials.


The astronaut will return to the Habitat only once all possible hazardous materials have been sealed off. Experiment results should be transmitted to Mission Control as outlined in P2.3.3, If there is any chance that the astronaut was exposed to hazardous materials, he/she must be quarantined under P2.5.6 and monitored.


The Hotbox is the Hotlab's small containment unit. Samples are to be placed (still inside their containment box) into the door on the right. This door must be shut before the inner door is opened. The Astronaut is to then place his or her hands into the arms of the Hotbox. He or she is to open the inner door and retrieve the sample. It is safe to open a sample inside the Hotbox. There are a number of cabinets inside the Hotbox. The Astronauts should be aware of where they can keep samples, and where the chemicals they'll need are located. Samples are only to leave the Hotbox inside a containment box or after they have been determined benign.

Sample Tests

Samples may be tested in the following ways:

Acidity Test

Complete a simple pH test on the sample. Strongly Acidic or Basic substances should remain in the Hotbox. The Hotbox should be stocked with the appropriate supplies prior to launch.

Microscopic Analysis

Samples can be removed from the Hotbox, if safe, and viewed under a microscope. No procedure is given for making slides, as all the astronauts are well-trained scientists and should know how to do so.

Radiation Test

If available, a Geiger counter may be used to check radioactivity. Radioactive substances should not leave the Hotbox without mission control clearance.

Luminescence Test

Shine bright lights onto the samples to see if they react to light in any way.

Durability Test

Attempt to break the sample (if solid) with your hands or small objects. Only do this within the Hotbox as unknown gases may be released from the centre of the sample.