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Why can only users post? and Can I become a user?
This project is designed to be a way for Spacesim to preserve its history in a flexible format. Since only spacesim members know what goes on in the daily life of Spacesim, it makes sense that only spacesim members should be posting. Sorry to all those who want to contribute but can't.

How do I sign up to become a user? For sim members and alumni
If you would like to join the wiki, please PM the wikimaster in the spacesim forums. If you cannot do that for whatever reason, you should e-mail the webmaster at

Help; I don't know the first thing about editing a wiki!
Don't worry too much about it, as the Wiki Task Force has got your back. Of course, their awesomeness is no excuse for your laziness. Common issues are addressed in the Style Guide, and the Wikipedia Guidelines are usually helpful, as well.