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Featured Articles are exemplary articles on the OCESS Wiki for their content, historical importance, use of Wikitext, or quality of writing. These articles can be serious or comedic, and can be from any period in OCESS' history. All Featured Articles will have a chance to be featured on the Main Page.

Before you feature an article, make sure that it falls under two or more of the four categories.

  • Is an article consisting of at least two paragraphs worth of information.
  • Is an excellent example of Wikitext, formatting or page design.
  • Details an event that will have or has had a lasting impact on the club.
  • Is well-written, free of typos and grammatical mistakes, and displays exceptional writing style.

Since this is a somewhat subjective category, please consult with the Wikimaster before marking an article as Featured.

This category contains Featured Articles. To add an article, insert {{Featured Article}} at the very top of the article.

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