Electoral Reform Model

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The Electoral Reform Model was a proposal created in early February of 2020. It is one part of the multi-faceted OCESS RTA Project. It outlines a new format for selecting club Hierarchy, one that allows for a greater sense of involvement from the club, as well as encouraging the formation of more responsible and cooperative hierarchies.


  • Two separate votes will be conducted, for Mission and Education Commander. All voters may vote for both categories.
  • Vote will be ranked-choice, with 'points' being distributed to candidates based on their standing in each ranking.
  • Winner is elected Commander, runner-up is elected Subcommander.
  • Ties are to be broken by the hierarchy member for whose position the tie was reached.
  • There must be a minimum of three candidates for each position. If there is a surplus of candidates for one and a defecit for the other, candidates may be asked, or subsequently voluntold, if they are okay with changing position for which they are running.
  • All current members of the club are allowed to vote, provided they register to do so.
  • Alumni may not run or vote, but they may endorse candidates or otherwise participate as they wish.
  • Voting is done anonymously, and election results may not be viewed until the final tally.
  • Online elections must be held on a fraud-proof dedicated election-running service (eg. not Google Forms), and the platform must be approved by the Admiral.
  • Paper ballots must be filled out, collected and tallied at the worksession Location, and may not at any point leave the room.
  • Absentee ballots may be sent to the Admiral, who will fill out a paper ballot. The Admiral is obliged to keep all voter information confidential.
  • Candidates may not run in tandem, but candidates may endorse one another.
  • The forming of 'parties' is strongly discouraged, but not outright banned. Approach with caution.