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EECOM is the Electrical and Environmental COMmand Officer. EECOM is a common staff position, and as such is found in both Mission Control and in the Habitat.

Job Description

EECOM is responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the Habitat's Environmental Systems and the internal atmospheric pressure, temperature, and radiation dosage.

Standard Flight and Emergency Procedure

The EECOM officer is to monitor Habitat electrical systems, pressure, gas balance, O2, N2, CO2, dust, and biohazardous particles etc. Should any alarming change occur, the EECOM should notify their commanding officer (FLIGHT or Habitat Commander)

Normally, all changes to the internal atmosphere will be authorized by the Flight Director, and executed by the Habitat EECOM. However, Mission Control EECOM can be tasked to effect any changes, at the Flight Director's sole discretion. No changes are to be made without the Flight Director's authorization, except as authorized by the Habitat Commander under her Emergency Discretionary Powers.

Candidate Events

The following observations should prompt concern:

Decreased O2 levels, increased CO2 levels, increased chem levels
Solution: Assume that there is a fire.
Increased radiation and chem readings, especially in the longhouse
Solution: Assume that there is engine trouble. Confirm with ENG and FIDO or the PILOT.