Departure from Orbit Procedures

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  1. Select Status: TARGET (toggle Tab key)
    • Choose Target as the destination planet (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  2. Select Status: REFERENCE (toggle Tab key)
    • choose Reference for orbital maneuvers as current planet (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  3. Select Status: CENTRE (toggle Tab key)
    • choose centre view point as the current planet (press key from Table 1.5.A)
  4. Magnify image (+ - keys) to see the current planet clearly
  5. Press F2 for automatic ccw orbit ref orientation.
  6. Goto P1.5.12 to check status of AYSE Drive Systems
  7. Examine the image and the Target Vector (grey) and the relative position of Earth and the AYSE drive to see if the Earth is masking the Target. If the Target is masked proceed to steo 8, if not proceed to step 13.
  8. Press F2 for automatic ccw orbit ref orientation.
  9. Check AYSE status lights.
  10. Check that orientation vector (red) is perpendicular to direction to earth.
  11. Power up engine (Shift ]) to 20.0 m/s/s
  12. Power down engine to stop (BckSp key)
  13. Press F3 for automatic approach to target orientation.
  14. Check AYSE status lights.
  15. Check that orientation vector (red) matches the target vector (grey).
  16. Power up engine (Shift ]) to 50.0 m/s/s
  17. Check AYSE status lights at 5 minutes.
  18. Power up engines to 200.0 m/s/s
  19. Check that the velocity vector (green) approaches then is superimposed over target vector.