Debriefing 2005-06

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This is an account of the 2005-06 mission debriefing for Prometheus 2006 that took place at the March 10th work session.

taken by Nevin
Debrief called to order.
Explanation of purpose given
Seating positions suggested
Simulator Adlard takes umbrage at the seating arrangements

"Typical day in the Mission"


Stefan suggests that more people should have shown up before the mission, and more people need to work in general.
Planetary surface needs a larger task force and needs to start earlier.
The Habitat was not ready.
Stefan compared Linxi to a stripper.
Press conference needed to be better-organized and better-publicized.
We need to keep the Board on our good side.
Alumni should be invited to the mission (
The phone tree needs to be re-activated
MC and Parental shifts needed to be signed up for earlier.
MC training needs to be more comprehensive.
Launch delay was ok, but annoying; we should have been better-prepared

EECOM and CAPCOM should be covered by the same person during Meal Prep.
We need a louder alarm.

Mapping should be done using a camera.
Mission Control should have given us a better briefing, but had no clue we were doing an EVA.
Biomeds need to be taken more assiduously - MC needs a protocol to get us to follow
AUXCOM should be revived.
HAL can be repurposed to save EECOM
We need more duct tape.
The planetary surface needs to be extended.

less cool-down time
more standardization
better sphygmomanometer

we need more
everyone needs to do some
cabinet for stuff in the hotlab to prevent breakage
fix the hotbox


Hab needs to listen to MC
MC needs to help fix EECOM problems
Radios need to be fixed
MC needs to know the radios are working

HAL should not contradict MC
MC needs a HAL readout
HAL shouldn't be talked to by the astros
MC needs to tell us what is safe
The Hab needs to be less dependent
variety = good
simmies should use the Simulator door


  • Training
  • Mission readiness
    • Research the destination
  • Software training
  • Simulation
  • Membership
    • Recruitment

  • General Organization

  • A typical year for Sim
    • September
      • recruiting members
      • projects
      • orientations for new members
      • for EEPs/Planetariums
      • Hab upgrades
    • October
      • pick the planet
      • mission patch
      • Astro applications
      • experiments
      • training (MC)
      • assign taskforces
      • Hab upgrades
      • Mission dates selected
    • November
      • design the planetary surface
      • pick the astros and "astronauts"
      • Hab upgrades
      • training
    • December
      • order the selected mission patch
      • buy flight suits
      • publicity
      • fundraising
      • deadline for hab upgrades - begin fixing them
    • January
      • MC training
      • Hab training
      • updating procedures
    • February
      • finish P/S
      • training
      • press conferencing
      • Mission Alpha
      • stock the hab
      • Promo the mission
      • load experiments into hab
      • test everything
    • March
      • Weekend before Astro Training
      • Mission
    • April-June
      • cool-down; plan for next year


AUXCOM - fix it
GUIDO - more display information
Control Panel - get it working
More readouts + control for MC
More EECOM readouts
HAL should not be query-able
HAL should appear in EECOM
MC should get more info than the astros, not less
GUIDO should lose time-acceleration; the engines should be stronger instead
share load



  1. Radios/headsets
  2. Doors
  3. Control panel + Robbie
  4. Add storage to the Hab
  5. Bunk beds
  6. New EVA suits
  7. Tweak the software
  8. Alpha-switch the power for the Hab through the Control Panel


The only known simulator is the MC commander, who picks them.
Simulators communicate only through the MC commander
They should be properly trained


have the person who designed an experiment either in the Hab or in MC, observing the experiment
run orientation whenever a new member shows up